30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 15

Today has been totally strange day.  First we broke a 123 year old weather record for the lowest high temperature for July 15.  Our high for the day was a very pleasant 76 degrees which was one degree lower than the previous lowest high recorded in 1891. I’m not complaining, because last week we were sweltering and sweating. Only one problem I had to go grocery shopping and my MetroBus goes through Forest Park and apparently everybody decided to take a trip to the zoo which caused a massive traffic jam in the park and delaying my travel time by about 25 minutes. I’m not saying we have stupid drivers in the Wicket City, but everyone was so desperate to find a parking spot they paid no attention to the YELLOW stripes painted along the curbs, or the NO PARKING SIGNS, or the FIREPLUGS along the streets. There wasn’t an empty parking space on any of the streets through the park. And did I feel upset when I saw the Park Rangers slapping PARKING TICKETS on any of the cars illegally park. HELL NO! Stupidity pays a lot of the city’s bills.And as soon as one of the returns to the car and drives off … some other fool will fill the spot.

Anyway, I’m late in posting my daily origami butterfly. Basically because I couldn’t get an internet connection for the past three hours. Probably, another foolish driver hit just another utility pole and brought down the cable again. That’s the problem with living in a city that’s been around for 250 years. It will be years before they get around to burying the utility wires.




And since it is already a half hour into July 16, that’s all I have to write.


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  1. I like your lucky butterfly. And I remember the last time a bad driver cost you your power!

    • Actually, I happened a second time after that. Apout a month and a half ago the water company was putting in a new water main at the cross street at the end of the block and the driver of the dump truck with the gravel fill backed into the same post cutting all the utilities again.

      • Oh, humans. We are so dumb. A guy in a panel truck didn’t want to wait for the train the other day. He decided to turn his big truck around. Only problem was, he backed it into Tom’s car. Tom’s car he bought in November, I might add. Haven’t heard the estimate on the damage done yet.

      • Poor Tom. As my mom used to say, “If you have to rush, you’re going to regret it.” I would hazard to guess that the truck wasn’t as damaged as Tom’s car.

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