Ok, I promised to provide coverage of my visit to The Missouri Botanical Garden for the celebration of Henry Shaw’s birthday.


I don’t think he would have been upset, since it was his 214th celebration. Anyway, it was an almost spring-like day that showed up at the end of July. So my friend Bill and I decided to meet for lunch and then head down to Mr. Shaw’s Garden Party.


Lunch was the Taco Salad I had been craving for the past several weeks, and I was half way through it before I realized they had failed to put the salsa on it. My bad!

Anyway, once we got to the garden our first stop was the CORPSE FLOWER.


It’s not a very attractive looking plant, and it rarely if ever blooms. And when it does bloom, you’ll understand how it got the name Corpse Flower. I actually smells like a rotting corpse. Lucky us, it didn’t bloom until the week after our visit.

Our next stop was the historic Museum/Library Building.DSC00245

The building is only open to the public on special occasions. It’s main feature is the fresco ceilings.DSC00246


Sadly, the Saint Louis weather has affecting the aging plaster in the last several years.

Henry Shaw built his garden around his country home.DSCF0698


And that was the next stop on our tour.ShawCountryHome

And I was able to get a photo of the kitchen …DSC00248

And the breakfast room that overlooks his herb garden.DSC00249

The dining room, bedrooms, parlor and office were filled with visitors which made photography impossible.

A visit to the garden is like stepping back in time to a Saint Louis of yesteryear, and you almost expect to see Mr. Shaw strolling around his garden.DSCF0697

Tomorrow, I’ll take you on our special visit through the Garden’s Climatron.DSC00271






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  1. I think Tim went and saw the Corpse flower in Houston awhile back … is it like a venus fly trap … does it eat stuff and that is why it stinks?

    • As far as I know the Corpse Flower serves no useful purpose in nature. It only stinks when it blooms, and it doesn’t bloom on a regular basis. The one in the photo actually bloomed the week after we were there.

  2. by the way initially I thought you were writing about henry thaw … which would be an entirely different entry.

    • I had never heard of Henry Thaw, so I had to Goggle him.
      Henry Shaw was the son of British hardware manufacturer. When he was 17 his father sent him to New Orleans to find a a shipment of hardware that had gone missing. He found the hardware, but he couldn’t find the man who ordered it. So he loaded it on a boat and took it up to Saint Louis where he was able to sell it to settlers moving west. He opened a hardware store and order more stock from his father. He became a very rich man and retired at age 49. He returned to England to study botany. He returned to Saint Louis and bought a large tract of prairie land outside the city where he built his country home and began developing the prairie into a garden and also a park land that would become Tower Grove Park. When he died he left the garden estate and Tower Grove Park to the people of Saint Louis. They are now in the heart of the south side of the city.

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