During my life, I have met a number of famous people. The first happened when I was a student taking a  class in advertising layout and art direction at Washington University. One of our major projects was to write and design a television commercial for the Regional Commerce And Growth Association. As luck would have it, my commercial was one of the three finalists. And it would be taped using talent from the local TV station. My talent would be the actor who played a cowboy named Texas Bruce in one of my favorite childhood after school TV shows.  I overlooked the fact that I had watched that show about 10-years earlier. And when the actor walked into the studio without his cowboy hat, boots and six shooters, my heart sunk to see an older gentleman who needed his gun belt to just hold his pants up. I didn’t say a word to him.

Years later I was in New York City recording some radio commercials, and on my way back to the hotel I stopped into the Mysterious Bookshop to pick up a copy of a Donald Westlake mystery that had just been released. I asked the clerk where I could find it, and he pointed across the store to a table. I walked over and picked up the book and said to a man standing by the table looking at the books, ” I hope it’s better than the last one.”  He replied, “So do I.” A that point I realized that he was the author. I was so embarrassed I didn’t even ask him to autograph it. When I got back to the hotel I discovered that he had already signed it.

Working in advertising, writing and producing TV spots I met other personalities, and I learned not to be awed by them. They were doing a job that technically I had hired them to do.

So yesterday, I walked into Barnes and Noble and who did I run into?


And what did I say?

“Num, num, crunch!  Num, num, crunch!”


About Robert Edler

... a somewhat unknown and/or imaginary actor, writer, director, producer, photographer, friend, brother, uncle and all round good fellow that you really should get to know because he lives with that most glamorous fourpaw Mademoiselle Renee. (Mlle. Renee for short)

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