Once upon a time, there was a quiet little town in north Saint Louis County. It had its start in 1855 which was several years after my great grandfather Franz immigrated to Saint Louis from the little village of Alsenborn in the Rhineland of Germany.

I doubt if Franz ever visited the town because the area was basically farm land, and Franz was not a farmer. (Actually, he was a first lieutenant in the Prussian Army. And since first lieutenants didn’t have much of the future in the Prussian Army at that time, he packed his bags and headed for the States.)

Anyway, some guy named William B. Ferguson … a big time farmer who owned a lot of property in the area realized that the area didn’t have a name. So he had a great idea to deed 10 acres of his land to the Wabash Railroad in exchange for a new depot there and the naming rights of said depot. So settlement that sprang up around the depot was called Ferguson Station. But it wasn’t until 1894 that Ferguson was actuallyincorporated as a city. Have no idea what happened to William B.

Franz never owned any land, but he became a brick maker. And the red bricks he made were used to build a pretty big red brick city. He also had a lot of kids … and grandkids and great grandkids … which is why I’m able to write this today. Unfortunately, Franz had a hard time with his name … all his fellow brick-makers kept calling him Frank. He would tell them that his name was Franz with a Z. So they switched to calling him Frank Widdazee.

There’s no real purpose for this post, just like there’s no real purpose for peaceful (?) protests every night that go into the wee hours of the morning. Of the 75 people arrested in last night’s protest, only FOUR lived in Ferguson. Most didn’t even live in the Saint Louis area.


Anyway, most of old Ferguson looks like a town from someplace in the past.ferguson

And the farm lands have been subdivided into thousands of crowded little houses.  Time has not treated the area well and the rioting and disruptions that are now in the tenth day aren’t helping it either. 

Personally, I’m tired of the wall to wall video coverage by news readers dropped on the street with video cams and cell phones. I have no qualifications for commenting on the situation, and neither do they. Also, justice is not an instant mix you can pick up on a grocery store shelf. (Well, one that hasn’t been looted or burned.)  Doesn’t anyone remember anything about peace and love?


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  1. I read about the 90 year old woman who was a holocaust survivor who was arrested recently and all I could think was “Jesus, is this what we’re doing now?”

    How odd for someone from Alsenborn not to be a farmer … do you about the town, about the circus that used to winter there and how during the war, when all the farm animals were taken and the circus could not travel, everyone got together and used the elephants to plow the fields? If you were ever to go there … you would see that there is a great hill there with a bare faced stone side … my grandfather used to sit on the rock at twilight and play his trumpet.

    • I wondered about him not being a farmer too … until I saw his listing as a 1st Lt. in the Prussian Army and I remembered that my aunt had a box of German medals that had belonged to him. Two of his children were farmers though.
      I’ve seen the statue of the elephant plowing the fields. I had planned on visiting there, but I just don’t feel like flying anymore.

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