ZooPicnic2014  It’s time for me to continue my visit to the Saint Louis Zoo and the ZOO PARENTS PICNIC OF 2014 with my own family. I arrived from the north entrance, so my first stop was to the INSECTORIUM. I had planned on visiting there in August right before the heat wave hit us. But it really was too hot to venture out into the broiling sun and into  the park back then.  Friday, however, was jacket wearing weather and I briskly walked down to the insectorium and big, bad bug that guards its door.



There are more than 300,000 species of beetles, and I have no idea which one posed for this sculpture. A good guess would be one of several possible species of rhino beetles. The insectorium has a double set of  sliding doors that keep the outside bugs from becoming inside bugs. And if you have and aversion to big, hairy bugs … move quickly past the next photo.Tarantula

And this one, too!



Outside this building there was a big sign advertising …MantidMania

Inside this was the only example I could find.PrayingMantis

Hopefully, you can see him in the picture.


Then next exhibit was a wall-sized display featuring the insects of the south west.RedBackedDarklingBeetleI passed on putting my eye up the eye-hole of the skull of the long departed bovine just to see what the Red Backed Darkling Beetle looked like. You never know what can jump out of the eye-socket of a long dead cow.

With that I moved on to the friendlier insects that live in the butterfly dome.HSBH2

The decor was a lot nicer, too.  And so were the butterflies!BWR2


And my favorite … THE OWL EYED BUTTERFLY!  This extra-large sized butterfly appears to have the eye of an owl on the underside of its wings, and when flying it looks like an owl which scares anything that would prey on it.  I’ve simulated this by putting two pictures of the undersides together to give you an idea how this looks.


Here’s the full-sized photo of one side.




Here’s a butterfly eating a special butterfly fruit salad …ButterflyFruitCocktail

Just about this time, my cell phone rang telling me that the rest of my family who had entered from the south entrance of the zoo were now waiting for me outside.ClimbingCousins

And you know what kids do when they meet a giant beetle on which they can climb!  Featuring great-nephew and niece Jake and Nichole.




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