LouisIX  This year  the city of Saint Louis is celebrating its 250th birthday and as part of the year-long celebration, the Saint Louis Art Museum is having a special exhibition honoring the city’s namesake King Louis IX of France. Actually, the land where the city is located was claimed by the some of the earliest residents  known as the Mississippians somewhere around 250 AD. They actually built the first city in United States  between 250 and 1300. Unfortunately, they built their city across the river in Illinois, and then they disappeared.  Then the land was claimed by both Spain and France, but it was a couple of French fur traders who actually settled here and built a trading post and village in 1764 and named it after King Louis IX of France, who also happened to be a saint.

LouisIX AtPrayer

We know he was a saint, because he always had a flock of angels hovering around him. And when the angels weren’t around he looked like this. He also led a couple of crusades to reclaim the Holy Land that weren’t very successful.


But, he was a very just king and very admired by his people, and that’s probably why he became a saint. So to honor our city’s namesake, the Saint Louis Museum Of Fine Art has assembled a collection of art and artifacts related to the King, the Saint and also our City.TheTalesOfStLouisA book in French filled with a collection of tales about the man who became a King and Saint.


An illuminated parchment folio about the King.


A craved tablet recognizing the SPIRIT OF SAINT and the LONE EAGLE Charles Lindbergh and the people who funded his flight to Paris.

And there’s also this statue that stands in front of the museum.StlObverse

And there are also two cathedral basilicas honoring the Saint in the city.

More about how the city celebrates a 250th Birthday coming up!





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