Alsenborn I recently received this handmade card from a friend and fellow blogger who lives in a neighboring state.  Through our blogging, we discovered that our families are from the same village of Alsenborn in Germany. My paternal great-grandfather Franz left there and immigrated to the United States in the mid-nineteenth century, and her mother was born there and was actually baptised in the church seen in the photo. Surprisingly, I had seen the church before! In my search for family history I had searched the internet and discovered this photo of the ancestral village. Alsenborn And the church is right in the middle of the village. My searches also produced several confusing photos.800px-Pfluegender_Elefant_von_Hans_Buch A farmer plowing the field with an elephant! That started me wondering if the Brothers Grimm had also been natives of that village. Then, I found this photo.Alsenborn 1917 Further research discovered that the circus wintered in the village, and that someone had actually put them to work plowing the fields. I also discovered that there was a castle in the area of the village. alsenborn castle   Naturally, it was high atop a hill looking down on the peasants. I didn’t jump at the possibility of royal ancestry, since I knew that my great-grandfather had been a first lieutenant in the Prussian Army and immigrated to get out of the army. Unfortunately, my aunt had destroyed all early family records and given away all of Franz’s (now known as Frank) Prussian Army medals (to a junk man). My family is crazy that way. I also explored my mother’s ancestors and discovered we might have a nobleman and also a Frenchman in the Polish side of the tree.  But Polish noblemen and Frenchmen are a dime a dozen these days. But here are photos of where her family originated. 450px-Ratusz_Poznan     Poznan_Poland St. Stanislaus Ext   Searching the family tree is fun, but it sure involves a lot of digging!


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  1. The Elephants are what saved the town in WWII … the troops took all the horses and other work animals. Also there is a circus museum in town, and if you go to the town cemetery you will see not only my Oma’s grave but also the grave of the lion tamer who’s head was bitten off by a lion.

    And I just went on a big rant that I will post on my blog .. I hope you liked the card!

  2. I love this connection between you and Marika. And her postcard and your info on the town. The world really is smaller than we realize sometimes.

    • And Marika discovered from her mother that one of her aunts was married to an Edler who still lives in Altenborn. And what I am discovering almost all of the Edlers living in the US are decended from my great grandfather or his brother who also came to the US in mid-1800s.

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