Cecil was a proud father and a just ruler who was respected by the pride of lions he led and the cubs he fathered. Until  he was murdered by human lowlife who paid $55,000 for the pleasure of killing a noble beast who never lifted a paw to injure or even chase a human. The human lowlife was a dentist and hopefully no one will ever trust him to work on their teeth again. Some would say calling him a lowlife is rather harsh … he was just a sportsman enjoying his sport. Sure, but why did he have his guides wound Cecil with a bow and arrow before he moved in to shoot the fatal gun shot. Probably, because he didn’t want to damage Cecil’s head and mane which he quickly cut off as his trophy of his supposed hunting skill. The murder of an innocent animal is not skill and deserves no trophy. Yes, I’m currently backing the animals on ZOO!


About Robert Edler

... a somewhat unknown and/or imaginary actor, writer, director, producer, photographer, friend, brother, uncle and all round good fellow that you really should get to know because he lives with that most glamorous fourpaw Mademoiselle Renee. (Mlle. Renee for short)

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  1. Apparently it took 40 hours to tack him before he was shot … and what is forgotten is now all the cubs in his pride are in danger of being killed. when another male takes over. I understand hunting to put food on the table, but this seems so wrong

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