So what’s in a name? Since doing my Federal and State tax returns was a real breeze today. I wasted some time looking up the meaning of my given name Robert.

It is derived from the Old High German name Hrodebert which means bright fame and glory. I can buy that.

Why I was named Robert is a question that neither of my parents ever answered.   A lot of people in the family think I was named after my mother’s youngest brother, but that is somewhat iffy since he was a young boy when I was born, and also his given name at the time was Jerome Robert Barylski.  Now, with a name like Jerome he really started getting a lot of flack about his name by the kids in his classes and  for a time he began going by the name Jerry and later Bob.

By the time he was in seventh and eighth grade the nuns solved his problem by entering his name on all paper work and records as Robert J. Barylski.  He changed it to plain Bob and resolved the issue.

As for me, no one on either side of the family is legally named Robert. So, I guess I’m unique.  As to my middle name, I was named Leo after my father. He never used the name Leo and was known to all as just Lee.  Since I wasn’t that keen about being a Leo, I simply used the surname Robert and the middle initial L as my official signature.

OK, so where does the middle name Love come into the picture.  At my first job, co-workers were trying to figure out what the initial L stood for.  To settle the issue, I confessed that L really stood for Love an old family tradition.

By the way, today Robert is a very common given name in many European countries  like England, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, France, Hungary, Finland and Estonia. Guess that name wise, that makes me a real man of the world. By the way, for anyone interested my name day is celebrated on September 17.


About Robert Edler

... a somewhat unknown and/or imaginary actor, writer, director, producer, photographer, friend, brother, uncle and all round good fellow that you really should get to know because he lives with that most glamorous fourpaw Mademoiselle Renee. (Mlle. Renee for short)

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