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30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 22

30 Days Of Creativity – Tuesday – Day 22 — Today my Origami Butterfly is another variation that I created based on a number of models I featured in past posts.


The Lemon-Lime Butterfly


30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 19, 20 & 21

This could be my catch up on three missed Days Of Creativity, but I prefer to think of it as …


In other words, I decided to fold three different Butterflies all based on the same butterfly folding pattern, but using different thicknesses, types and colors of folding paper.



I used the double- weight paper with a star pattern on one side and white on the other for my first variation. Thick paper is stiffer and harder to fold.

SUNDAY – DAY 20 – THE PATRIOTIC BUTTERFLYDSC00214I used the thinnest folding paper printed with shades of red, white and blue on one side and white on the other. Thin paper is easy to crease and fold.

MONDAY – DAY 21 – THE SUNSET BUTTERFLYDSC00213I used a glossy coated paper with a different shade of red on each side. The glossy paper is a little harder to fold and photograph due to light reflection. But it did produce a butterfly closest to the original pattern.

So, which variation do you like best.

30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 18


Friday was a cool blue sky day filled with puffy clouds. Notice that the emphasis was on COOL. That is a very rare happening in Saint Louis, and it inspired me to create today’s origami butterfly.DSC00200

My Pretty In Pink Butterfly

It also inspired me to get out of the house and enjoy the day which I will tell you about in my next post.

30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 17

The Origami Butterfly for Thursday … Day 17 –WhiteTiger


That right, I’m offering a fantasy butterfly of my imagination. OK, I had a sheet of folding paper at the bottom of my paper box that was covered with zebra stripes, and I decided to either use it or throw it away. So waste not, want not!

So I spent a good part of the day at the veterinary hospital with my faithful friend, Mlle. Renee. No problem, just a follow-up visit for last week’s ear infection. And she passed with flying color. (Renee is golden brown from head to toe with the exception of the white tip of her tail and her spotted right front boot of white with tan freckles. We had a long wait because the office was crowded. All the staff spoils her with pats, and naturally she works the crowd. The infection is all cleared up, and the swelling of her ear  caused by the broken blood vessel is almost all back to normal.The vet did discover that the point on one of her rear teeth was broken off and advised extraction before the nerve becomes exposed. (They could put a cap on it for about a thousand bucks, but he advised extraction.) And my wallet agreed!

And that was my Thursday!  And the weather is still amazingly cool for July!


While I was waiting for the vet, a woman with three little boys came in and the oldest climbed onto the dog scale  and shouted, “Mom, I weigh 50 dog pounds!”

30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 16

It’s Wednesday and time for yet  another origami butterfly…BusterBrown


Today’s butterfly was inspired by childhood memories. When I was a kid my mother and father would walk down Saint Louis Avenue to 14th Street. Back in the post war 40’s 14th Street was a bustling shopping area in North Saint Louis. The hadn’t invented shopping centers back then. So, if you were shopping, you either went downtown where the department stores were or you went to 14th Street or Grand Avenue on the Near North Side. They also had shopping areas on the south side of the city … but to shop there required a long streetcar ride. So 14th Street was closest for us. And the shoes of choice for any kid who listen to the radio and Smiling Ed McConnell, Midnight the Cat, Groggy Gremlin  and Squeaky the Mouse were Buster Brown shoes.Smilin'_ed_mcconnell

Who could forget the famous Buster Brown tag line … THAT’S MY DOG TIGE. HE LIVES IN A SHOE. I’M BUSTER BROWN, LOOK FOR ME IN THERE, TOO!  Little did I realize that when I got my first job in advertising, it would be working for a shoe company owned by Brown Shoe Company … the company that made Buster Brown.Shoes. Thankfully, I never had any desire to name Mlle. Renee  TIGE!  But I did name today’s origami butterfly after Buster Brown.  There is a sad tale about Tige though, he was an American Bull Terrier with a toothy grin.

In the late 20th century the Bull Terrier became known as a PIT BULL, a dog trained to fight  other dogs viciously. And mother’s became excited about the kids being frightened by poor Tige. So the ad mavens had poor Tige redrawn into a happy faced lap dog…New BUSTERAnd my childhood dog and shoe idol was gone forever. Maybe I should have named my butterfly TIGE.  Butterflies don’t have teeth.

30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 15

Today has been totally strange day.  First we broke a 123 year old weather record for the lowest high temperature for July 15.  Our high for the day was a very pleasant 76 degrees which was one degree lower than the previous lowest high recorded in 1891. I’m not complaining, because last week we were sweltering and sweating. Only one problem I had to go grocery shopping and my MetroBus goes through Forest Park and apparently everybody decided to take a trip to the zoo which caused a massive traffic jam in the park and delaying my travel time by about 25 minutes. I’m not saying we have stupid drivers in the Wicket City, but everyone was so desperate to find a parking spot they paid no attention to the YELLOW stripes painted along the curbs, or the NO PARKING SIGNS, or the FIREPLUGS along the streets. There wasn’t an empty parking space on any of the streets through the park. And did I feel upset when I saw the Park Rangers slapping PARKING TICKETS on any of the cars illegally park. HELL NO! Stupidity pays a lot of the city’s bills.And as soon as one of the returns to the car and drives off … some other fool will fill the spot.

Anyway, I’m late in posting my daily origami butterfly. Basically because I couldn’t get an internet connection for the past three hours. Probably, another foolish driver hit just another utility pole and brought down the cable again. That’s the problem with living in a city that’s been around for 250 years. It will be years before they get around to burying the utility wires.




And since it is already a half hour into July 16, that’s all I have to write.

30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 14

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABack when Mlle. Renee was a young pup, she would play and frolic in the yard and explore everything that she came across or discovered.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In her first fall of living with me she discovered butterflies. They would land on the flowering plants in the back of the yard and she would race back to watch the float away. Just like her rabbit chases, she never caught a butterfly. But that didn’t stop her from running and jumping after them.

So my butterfly for Monday is for Renee  .DSC00142


This is an original origami butterfly that I designed myself and named in Renee’s honor.

30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Weekend Days 12 and 13

Two … count them … two butterflies today!

SATURDAY – Day 12:DSC00138


SUNDAY – Day 13DSC00140

Together, I call them  OPPOSITES ATTRACT!  (Even though I bent the body of the yellow/orange butterfly when I taped it to the green background.)

I guess my medical care of Mlle. Renee is working. She almost back to her regular “happy dog” personality. I’ve found ways to washout her ears and apply meds without her objections. The swelling in her ear has decreased by half, too.

We have both been spend most of our daylight hours inside the house. We went from a spring-like summer for most of last week to regular summer temps of 97 this weekend.

Last night I tried to photograph the SUPER MOON, but with cloud cover this was all I could capture …DSC00134


Still pretty bright shining through the cloud cover. Maybe I’ll have better luck on the next one in August.

30DOC – Origami Butterflies … Friday Day 11

Guess what? I’m playing catch-up for two days of missed posts. This one is for the missed Friday entry for my 10 Days Of Creativity Origami Butterfly project.DSC00137


I thought it was a good choice because I received this year’s U.S. Postage Butterfly stamp.Butterfly Stamp

In case you’re wondering, the butterfly being honored is the Great Spangled Fritillary.

My Friday was rather busy. In addition to playing nurse-maid for my beloved canine companion (washing her ears out twice a day an applying healing medications), I had to go to my eye doctor to pick up my new glasses … get my hair cut and do some grocery shopping. Renee is being an angel about the medical treatment … except for washing her ears out. I have no problem getting the soap solution into her ear. But she shakes it out before I can wash out the ear. Her ear is getting better, and the swelling of the ear flap is going down. She’s also returning to her happy dog demeanor.

One of the things I went to the stupidmarket was to get some watermelon sticks for myself. While I was in the produce department I was conned by a sweet little old lady into sampling a Rainier Cherry. Rainier cherries are yellow inside and out, with just a bit of red blush on them, and exceptionally large. They are quite sweet, very firm and totally delicious!DSC00127And no, I didn’t buy that little dish of cherries!

I bought an entire bowl of cherries. DSC00129

Proving once again that life really is just a bowl of cherries!  (Groan!)

I moved on to the bakery department to pick up a loaf of sour dough bread where another little young lady conned me into sampling a bite of Oreo Gooey Butter Cake. (Hopefully, Gooey Butter Cake is a Saint Louis tradition with which you’re acquainted. I only bought a single slice.DSC00124

But I’ll be able to cut it into four brownie-sized portions that will last me four days. Then I hurried out of the store before I could be tempted into buying other treats for myself.

And yes, Mlle. Renee checked out my grocery bag as soon as I got into the house.  And she found nothing for her. That’s when I got her “See If I Let You Pour Soap Water Into My Ears Tonight!” look!

30DOC – Origami Butterflies … THURSDAY Day 10

Got a late start folding my Thursday origami butterfly. It was a very complicated fold, and I ended up refolding it several times.DSC00120

The Golden Aztec Swallowtail Butterfly.

Yes, it was a real bitch folding that Aztec design on the wingspan.

I also got a late start because I had to take Mlle. Renee to the vet today. I had made her appointment a week and a half ago because she had several vaccinations due. Then over the weekend she had a lot of problems dealing with the neighborhood pryomaniacs who were determined to send their entire month’s food budget up in a cloud of sulfurous smoke. I noticed that she wasn’t her usual happy dog self. Tuesday I noticed that she was scratching her left ear with her hind leg. Something only a dog can do. When I checked it I noticed  that her ear was a little puffy. This morning when I was getting her ready to go to the vet, it was a lot puffier.

The vet tech knew what it was as soon as we walked into the exam room. She had an ear infection, and in shaking her head and/or scratching her ear she had broken a small blood vessel. Her vet decided to treat it with meds for a week before resorting to surgical treatment which would involve splitting the ear flap in half. I also got instructions on washing a dog’s ear out and putting in the medication to treat the infection. It took two young lady techs to hold Renee to wash out her ears. Tonight, she let me do it all by myself.  Without a whimper, too! I felt like the kindly Dr. Kildare of the dog world. (OK, I confess, I was a food inspector with the U.S. Army Veterinarian Corps when I was in the Army in my younger days. And on the Friday Animal Clinic Day, I assisted the Post Veterinarian with treating the animals.)


After a half day at the vet hospital and several vaccinations, Renee was all tuckered out and spent the afternoon napping.