THE PHOTO/STORY CHALLENGE  – Write a brief story and illustrate it with up to twelve related photographs.

 mailman 2 Alas, the poor person who delivers your mail … stuck with a motto that isn’t even a motto of the US Postal Service. “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” It sounds great, but it was just a whim of an architect who needed an inscription to decorate the New York City post office building that he had designed. The quote was actually a variation of a comment written by the Greek historian, Herodotus of Halicarnassus to describe the Persian mounted mail couriers of 500 B.C. So, unless the person who delivers your mail  is of Greek or Persian decent and riding a horse, the motto really doesn’t apply.

All things considered, being a mail delivery person is not a happy lot. They really don’t even have a job title these days. Back when I was a kid they were known as a Mailman in the US or the British variation Postman. That title really didn’t work when women began delivering mail, and so the title of  Letter Carrier started being used.

mailman 3  Actually I think the title of  POSTAL COURIER would sound more romantic. Unfortunately the word POSTAL has a somewhat negative history.

Anyway, to get down to the PHOTO/STORY CHALLENGE  at hand by introducing letter carrier Marvin Mailman makes a game of imagining what his postal patrons are like by the mailboxes they own.




Mr. Hotrod is the eternal drive-in soda jerk who never really grew up. He also never tinkered or even owned a hot rod. He now leases an Acura Luxury Sedan‎ with all the extra features.

DSC06136E. J. McBucks still has the first dollar he ever inherited. It’s probably entombed in the brickwork of his mailbox.


Marty McFly has never eaten a fish that hasn’t come out of a can. He does like drowning worms.


Sigrid Agentmam is not to be messed with … her ultra secure mail depository even has a secret electronic pass code that is changed on a weekly basis.


Auntie Macassar still drapes all her plastic covered overstuffed furniture with little crocheted doilies to keep them from being soiled.


Mr. Mauler does not get mail deliveries, he has a dog that eats letter carriers for lunch.


Mr and Mrs Avian have a P.O. Box, their rustic mailbox is now the home of a family of Eurasian Tree Sparrows.


Mr. M. Bibber replaces his generic mailbox on a semi-weekly basis following his semi-weekly poker parties.


Mr. S. Bagel still has the same mailbox that his father put up 55-years ago. Either he’s a tightwad who never dusts his mailbox, or he is totally inept as a household handyman.

What’s your mail delivered to …



THE PHOTO/STORY CHALLENGE  — Write a brief story and illustrate it with up to twelve related photographs.

In a recent post I noted that I always carry my compact camera in my pocket when walking with Mlle. Renee. We see a lot of LOST items on our walks which would actually make them FOUND items … even though we would never pick them up and bring them home. Here’s the inventory of the things we found and recorded on a walk one day last spring and the story that could go along with them.

A bold  young  jogger who liked to feast on bold food for those who live it big was on his way to a weekly domino tournament  wearing flip-flops and a stocking cap. Unfortunately, he failed to  respected  a Don’t Walk signal, and the driver of an industrial Goodwill Store collection truck swerved and crashed into the yield sign and the traffic light post causing the truck to overturn and spill the load of gently worn work gloves all over the street. While he lost a flip-flop and his stocking cap … and his bold food and dominoes where utterly smashed, the jogger was lucky to land in a bed of soft pinecones. Renee always obeys the walk signals.

STOP  LostFound3  Lost Found4  CheckersDinner  Dominoes  DSC02119  LostFound10  LostFound1        LostFound5  LostFound6     PineCones  ReneeWalks  THE END!

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