If you look closely at the attached photo (Winter Skyscape #3) you can see a reclining young lady with a bouffant hairstyle. Look at it long enough and you will discover a Sleeping Beauty.WinterSkyscapes3


Did you find them?


But to be really honest …

This is the photo I really wanted to post for SUMMER LOVIN’ …DSC00252

But I figured too many people would find it obscene.  I don’t know why, it has been sitting in a sunny spot on the lawn of the Missouri Botanical Garden for as long as I can remember.

Variations On A Vase Of Glads

SUNDAY – DAY 195: A day of rest and relaxation before the return of soggy summer sameness!

DSCF0500   The other day I posted this photo of two tall stems of gladioli that I cut because they were top-heavy in the front garden. Well, today another stem was bending over and I had to add it to my vase. I also had my  camera out so I shot a few more pictures.

DSCF0511First the growing bouquet in the vase.


Then a highly backlit shot that turns the photo into a silk print.


And finally an enlarged print that gives the flowers a somewhat water-color look.

It’s amazing what you can do with a digital camera, iPhoto applications, a vase of gladioli and a Sunday afternoon with nothing to do.


It was last Saturday’s rain that started it all. Sort of shaking the trees and loosening the leaves. By Sunday morning you could see the leaves starting to gather on the lawn.


Then the wind got into the action sending even more leaves down to cover the ground.


Then last night’s rain storm not only send baseball players and fans running for cover … it also covered the lawn with a new layer of multi-hued leaves. This morning I found the yard completely covered with leaves. Recalling the days of my youth and the fragrant smell of leaves burning in tall bonfires, I almost considered raking the leaves up. Then I remembered that it was against the law to have leaf burning bonfires. No, I’d have to run the power-mower over the lawn and catch the chomped up leaves in the mower bag to dump on the compost piles. Drat, they really take all of the romance out of maintaining a lawn these days! But since the lawn and leaves where too wet to pick up with the mower, I put the lawn cleanup  job off to a sunnier day. Instead  I picked one of the bright red leaves off the lawn, and went inside to relive those wonderful memories of yesteryear with a bit of creative photography.