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Art admiration comes in all sizes …

or maybe he thinks he’s just looking at dirty pictures.


But to be really honest …

This is the photo I really wanted to post for SUMMER LOVIN’ …DSC00252

But I figured too many people would find it obscene.  I don’t know why, it has been sitting in a sunny spot on the lawn of the Missouri Botanical Garden for as long as I can remember.

Dramatic Views At The Museum

One of the advantages of having more gallery space available in the Saint Louis Art Museum’s historic 1904 original building is the ability to use multi-directional lighting to dramatically illuminate the sculpture pieces.

Reclining PanThis Reclining Pan was carved in the early 16th century from a reused marble fragment that had been part of a larger relief work from the Roman Imperial period. Some of the details from the earlier artist’s work can be seen on the back of the sculpture. (Which I forgot to photograph.)

Sculpture 1This early writer has to be a saint or evangelist. I forgot to read the descriptive copy block. But I’ll bet you anything the crudely carved animal at his feet has to be a devil or demon.

Caged Balls


This new sculpture piece always gives me pause whenever I walk into the museum. I call it Busted Balls, but one of these times I going to have to stop and read the story behind it.

And I don’t know why, but this display of Persian and Ottoman artifacts always brings out the adventuresome little boy in me.DSC08006




Every time I visit SLAM, aka The Saint Louis Art Museum, I try to find one item I have never seen before.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A Picture Of A Pitcher

You have to admit, this one is different.