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BobEaster This is one of the few remaining photos of me taken way back in the Yesteryear Easter of 1944.

And this is a lot of photos of the family taken yesterday in the Easter of 2016. You can click on the individual photo for a larger view.





So what’s in a name? Since doing my Federal and State tax returns was a real breeze today. I wasted some time looking up the meaning of my given name Robert.

It is derived from the Old High German name Hrodebert which means bright fame and glory. I can buy that.

Why I was named Robert is a question that neither of my parents ever answered.   A lot of people in the family think I was named after my mother’s youngest brother, but that is somewhat iffy since he was a young boy when I was born, and also his given name at the time was Jerome Robert Barylski.  Now, with a name like Jerome he really started getting a lot of flack about his name by the kids in his classes and  for a time he began going by the name Jerry and later Bob.

By the time he was in seventh and eighth grade the nuns solved his problem by entering his name on all paper work and records as Robert J. Barylski.  He changed it to plain Bob and resolved the issue.

As for me, no one on either side of the family is legally named Robert. So, I guess I’m unique.  As to my middle name, I was named Leo after my father. He never used the name Leo and was known to all as just Lee.  Since I wasn’t that keen about being a Leo, I simply used the surname Robert and the middle initial L as my official signature.

OK, so where does the middle name Love come into the picture.  At my first job, co-workers were trying to figure out what the initial L stood for.  To settle the issue, I confessed that L really stood for Love an old family tradition.

By the way, today Robert is a very common given name in many European countries  like England, Germany, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, France, Hungary, Finland and Estonia. Guess that name wise, that makes me a real man of the world. By the way, for anyone interested my name day is celebrated on September 17.

My Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolk Island Pine 2

Basking in the sunny kitchen window!

The Results Of Laboring Over A Hot Oven!


COOKIES!  Nestled all snug in their air tight containers!

Mlle Renee comment: “Did you make any of them without chocolate?”

[Pay no attention to the All Hallows window hanging in the background. They really are Christmas cookies.]

30DOC – Origami Butterflies … Friday Day 11

Guess what? I’m playing catch-up for two days of missed posts. This one is for the missed Friday entry for my 10 Days Of Creativity Origami Butterfly project.DSC00137


I thought it was a good choice because I received this year’s U.S. Postage Butterfly stamp.Butterfly Stamp

In case you’re wondering, the butterfly being honored is the Great Spangled Fritillary.

My Friday was rather busy. In addition to playing nurse-maid for my beloved canine companion (washing her ears out twice a day an applying healing medications), I had to go to my eye doctor to pick up my new glasses … get my hair cut and do some grocery shopping. Renee is being an angel about the medical treatment … except for washing her ears out. I have no problem getting the soap solution into her ear. But she shakes it out before I can wash out the ear. Her ear is getting better, and the swelling of the ear flap is going down. She’s also returning to her happy dog demeanor.

One of the things I went to the stupidmarket was to get some watermelon sticks for myself. While I was in the produce department I was conned by a sweet little old lady into sampling a Rainier Cherry. Rainier cherries are yellow inside and out, with just a bit of red blush on them, and exceptionally large. They are quite sweet, very firm and totally delicious!DSC00127And no, I didn’t buy that little dish of cherries!

I bought an entire bowl of cherries. DSC00129

Proving once again that life really is just a bowl of cherries!  (Groan!)

I moved on to the bakery department to pick up a loaf of sour dough bread where another little young lady conned me into sampling a bite of Oreo Gooey Butter Cake. (Hopefully, Gooey Butter Cake is a Saint Louis tradition with which you’re acquainted. I only bought a single slice.DSC00124

But I’ll be able to cut it into four brownie-sized portions that will last me four days. Then I hurried out of the store before I could be tempted into buying other treats for myself.

And yes, Mlle. Renee checked out my grocery bag as soon as I got into the house.  And she found nothing for her. That’s when I got her “See If I Let You Pour Soap Water Into My Ears Tonight!” look!


About thirty years ago, we replaced the  sink in the kitchen. Since the cabinet and drawer base was still in good condition, my mother suggested moving it to the basement in the laundry area. I even replaced the old metal sink top with a new plywood work surface on top. And other than using the top for laundry to be washed I forgot all about it. Well, you really can’t forget about something that big just sitting there. But I really had no need to check inside the drawers and storage cabinets. Until last week when I was in a junk pitching mood. And then I went where no man had gone in thirty years.

I opened the center cabinet and discover about forty old Smucker jelly jars … all washed with lids firmly in place. My mother was a firm believer in you never know when you might need a jelly jar for something. The same things goes for several wine bottles with corks, about two dozen plastic pots that flowers had once lived in, a complete set of now slightly rusted kitchen canisters and sundry pieces of Tupperware.

In the side cabinet I discovered the real treasures.DSC07771

Can anyone remember the last time anyone actually used liquid laundry starch?

The inch and a half of starch in the bottom now a congealed solid.

DSC07773Johnson Glo-coat floor wax?

Just about enough to cover a two-foot square floor section.DSC07774


I actually could have used this a couple of months ago!DSC07775Plastic canisters the 35mm Fuji Film used to come in.

I actually kept these to use for holding dollar coins and quarters for bus fare.DSC07778


Old English Scratch Cover and Furniture Polish

Hell, I better save this to touch up the 75-year old real wood furniture that is still in the house.

Next up, I take on the four drawers on the side!

Mother really wasn’t a hoarder. These were all valuable and useful everyday items … once upon a time.



Bobby Lee and Jimmy Joe

Notice the his and his bunny socks.


Well, after starting my spring yard work (as well as my spring cleaning), I decided it was time to change the desktop image on my iMac.

So off came …Nighthawks

Edward Hopper’s Night Hawks

And up went …DSC06874

GARDEN VEGGIES Courtesy of Park Seed Co.

So, what’s on your desktop?


Last summer the heartland of the country suffered from a drought. This year we are becoming totally waterlogged. Locally we are in the midst of a week or two of wet and rainy weather. Actually it has been raining non-stop for the past twelve hours. My home is West Walnut Manor is halfway up a block on a hill and the cross street at the foot of the hill is currently under standing water. No flooding problem … just too much water for the storm sewer system to more.DSC06580

Notice the water flowing across the slope of my back yard. The soil is fully saturated from our spring snowstorms and all the rain in recent weeks. My lawn is zoysia grass and what you see now is the brown winter thatch. I won’t start greening up until the temp rise in May.DSC06581

The grass in the back of the yard really suffered from the drought and basically dried up by summer’s end welcoming all sorts of nasty ground covers to take root. And they are currently growing like … weeds … which they are. The area is in dire need of a quick trim, which I can’t do until the rain stops and the ground becomes solid again. Which means Mlle. Renee had better get ready for a foot bath every time she comes in from a yard visit. Does anyone have a spare ARK?



DSC05777 Well, since I mastered my weekend learning lesson on Saturday, I decided to use what I learned last week (Kite Base) to illustrate my Saturday afternoon visit to the opera via the Met’s Live In HD theater broadcast of Wagner’s Parsifal. Here’s the review I posted to my opera group.

Parsifal … loved the performers and their performances, but thought the tempi was a tad slow at times. (Sure, it only ran on for six hours.) However, I absolutely desisted the director-gone-rampant production. The post-apocalyptic scorched earth set with never-ending cloud projections was the dreariest I’ve seen since the new Tosca. And I won’t even go into the pool of blood covering the stage. And didn’t anyone else think the knights lumbering over the top of hill in act 3 resembled something out of Night Of The Living Dead. Attendance at my theater was down to about a fourth of the usual. After performance chatter was about 85% negative. ParsifalHistoricTraditional setting of the opera.parsifalAct1Setting for the new production.Parsifaltoday The pool of blood covering the stage.

And here is my origami visualization of the opera …ParsifalSwanSwan swimming in the pool of blood.


Well, since I never had a sister I never had to worry about getting into her diary. And if I did have a sister, I would advise her to make like Leonardo d.V. and use backwards writing (mirror writing) like I did. BTW, the guest chicken is named the Hubba Bubba Birdie.


OK, I’ll give you a clue on this one.  is the letter in the green box where the two words cross.