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Living and loving a four-footed friend and companion.



Let me start by noting that in all her seven-years of living with me, Renee has chased dozens of bunnies that have ventured into “her” yard and never came close to catching a single “hare” on their chinny-chin-chins or bunny tails.

Opossums she can catch and shake up until the go limp. (Though she has no idea how they get manage to get resurrected and disappear if she turns her back.

Well, at Walgreen’s after Easter clearance sale I bought her a stuffed “realistic” bunny. (After I cut it open, removed the squeaker in its bunny belly and sewed it back up. If I didn’t remove the squeaker, she’d rip the stuffed animal apart until she was able to remove it herself. Anyway, she had a great time playing with her bunny all spring.

I knew it wouldn’t last in the house, because she has a tendency to sneak her toys out of the house and into the backyard when I’m not looking. And sure enough, last week I went outside and discovered … DSC02433.jpgon the back lawn.

I’m quite sure she left it there to trap any real bunny that dared to trespass through “her” backyard.



Snow Doze

“Quit flashing that light in my eyes! Can’t you see that I’m trying to get a little nap time in on a snowy Saturday afternoon!”


I don’t know about your animal companions, but Mlle Renee is always receiving toys and gifts from her fans, friends and relatives. This Christmas her favorite gift was a pre-unstuffed  skunk  we have named Stinky. Pre-unstuffed means it came without any cotton filling inside the furry body. It became her favorite immediately, and I even caught her trying to sneak it out of the house and into the backyard several times.DSC01863

She also brings it up to me and drops it in my lap so that I can play with her and her pal.

Mlle Renee’s New Pal!


Mlle Renee received a most unusual gift this Christmas from my niece. It was an unstuffed plush toy skunk. Usually when Renee receives a stuffed plush animal she will chew a hole in the creatures side and remove all the cotton stuff inside. Then she will carry the deflated critter around until she get tired of it. (Or it get stiff from repeated chewing and I throw it out.) She apparently likes Stinky and has be playing (and chewing) with him since Christmas. Right now he’s a bit soggy, but he’s her bosom buddy.




Mlle Renee and I took our daily walk today and along the way she picked up the scents of random rabbits, squirrels, and sundry other woodland creatures.JustASniffAway

Finally, she sniffed out one that called for a sit down extended sniff. Oh to smell, but never enjoy!

Seems Mlle. Renee Is Searching For A New Pinup Calendar!

Renee's PinupApparently she likes the rugged outdoor hunting types!

Now I have to decide what’s going to be my calendar for the year.



Renee's Toy Box


Hurry, Christmas

Mlle. Renee Takes Me For A Walk



Every afternoon Renee will walk into the living room and walk over to the rocking chair where her walking leach hangs. She will hit it several times with her nose to let me know it is time for our almost daily constitutional. (She doesn’t go out on rainy days. Smart dog, she hates getting her feet wet.) Some days I pick the route, other days I let her lead the way.DSC00712

She has her own favorite treks around the neighborhood.DSC00715

And most of them involve utility poles where she can check if anyone new has visited her stomping grounds. Recently, she discovered grasshoppers who seem to always hop into her path.DSC00707

Usually, they will hop away as soon as she sees them. Unfortunately, the other day a three-incher landed in front of her and failed to hop away. Naturally, being the great hunting hound, she caught him in her snicker-snacking teeth. One bite, and she spit him back out. Lesson learned, grasshoppers taste bad,

and she is not inclined to add them to her regular menu. And with that, she lead me back home where she could wash her mouth out with cool, clean water.

DSC00713She also knows there is a jar of little bitty-bones on the kitchen counter waiting for her return.