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Yes, I made pancakes again last weekend … with the usual strange and unusual results.DSC06520

The EAT OR BE EATEN … the pancake that comes out looking like some form of alien being that would rather eat you than being eaten.

DSC06536The SLIPPERY STACK … short stubby stack that becomes a slippery balancing act made even more difficult with the addition of maple surple.

DSC06517The SCRAPE-OUT … thepancake made with the last batter left in the bowl that has to be scraped out with a spatula where it sticks and has to be scraped off with a spoon and when it falls it never falls on top of the batter already in the griddle. By the way, that dark spot that looks like a raisin is really a CRAISIN because I wanted to see what a cranberry pancake would taste like. Surprisingly, it tasted just like a raisin pancake.

BOB’S OBSERVATION: No matter what a pancake looks like, it never goes uneaten!



Does anyone remember GHOSTBUSTERS?  Specifically, the scene where the super-sized STA-PUFT marshmallow man has a major meltdown into movie oblivion?StayPuftMarshmallowMan

Well, yesterday I was out walking the streets of West Walnut Manor with Mlle. Renee, my canine companion, when I spied an image smooshed into the asphalt.

ROB’S WORDS: smooshed –  verb  (smooo sht)  Definition: the ultimate extreme state of being smashed, impressed into oblivion,  /  1. Renard was hit by the steam roller and smooshed into a pavement painting. 2. He was beyond being smashed, he was totally smooshed! 

I looked once, and then looked back. Holy Moose Murders, I had seen that image before …

DSC06456Was this the last vestige of the Sta-Puft Marshmallow Man?

To which, Mlle. Renee replied, “No, stupid, it’s the Michelin-man. He was probably run down by the garbage truck while changing a tire.”


So much for my brilliant man on the street discoveries.