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SLAM ART IN BLOOM … Minus Orange Flowers

Just to let you know that there were a lot of flower arrangements in the Saint Louis Art Museum’s ART IN BLOOM exhibit that did not contain orange flowers.

Enjoy the multitude of other colors! Don’t forget to click on the thumbnail photos to see a larger version and informational comments.


What’s not to love about orange? It’s vibrant. It’s cheerful. It makes a statement. It’s the perfect punctuation for a punchy photo.

This week, share a group of photos where orange is either the dominant color, or provides a bold highlight. Shoot for at least three photos, and look for different shades — bright neons, deep rusts, delicate peaches. (For more information go here!)

ORANGE you glad it’s photo challenge time? Thankfully the Saint Louis Art Museum’s Annual ART IN BLOOM show opened today which provided me with a lot of subject matter for this challenge. I also had to sort through over 50 images to select the following.

So I give you not only more shades of orange than you’ve ever seen, but also great art and tons of flowers.

Each spring the museum staff selects more than 35 works of art from the museum’s collection and invites florists from around the Saint Louis area to interpret these works using floral arrangements. Here’s a sample of the works that met the ORANGE part of this challenge in the original work, the floral arrangement or both.  (NOTE: Click on the small gallery pics for a larger view.)


And if this isn’t enough orange for you, TRY THIS!The Spectrum


Now, can any one give me the title of the works, and or the artists.


But will art sell?

Almost everyone will recognize Edward Hopper’s 1940s painting NIGHTHAWKS.Nighthawks


But, will anyone know what American Life is trying to sell in their blatant recreation of the painting in the recent Superbowl commercial.




It probably cost them a fortune to build the set they used.

Anyone have a painting they would like to see commercialized?


Yes, I spent two … count them TWO … days at the Saint Louis Art Museum this week. On Friday, I went to look at the art. Specifically, a new exhibit of the work of Missouri artist and sculptor Nick Cave.  He is the sculptor of a series of whimsical wearable sculptures called soundsuits.  And you really have to see them.  They’re unique.DSC00863

Speak Louder




In addition two eight-foot round works are also in the exhibit that I found totally mesmerizing.DSC00862

There is also a video of a performance featuring the soundsuits that you can watch. If you’re visiting the city between now and March 8 you MUST see this in person.

While I was in the contemporary galleries, I also checked out a few other works.DSC00859


And this one I really didn’t understand.



Then I had to jump back to 2500 B.C.  for this tiny figure found in Mesopotamia.DSC00867

Where else can you travel through the art work of almost 5,000 years in a single afternoon? And on a Friday afternoon, you can see everything including special exhibitions for free.

And you’ll also find a giant electrical plug on the front lawn in front of the museum.DSC00857

But to be really honest …

This is the photo I really wanted to post for SUMMER LOVIN’ …DSC00252

But I figured too many people would find it obscene.  I don’t know why, it has been sitting in a sunny spot on the lawn of the Missouri Botanical Garden for as long as I can remember.


In a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that means On Top!

Yesterday, I made one of my regular visits to the Saint Louis Museum. It is a classic building designed by Cass Gilbert as the PALACE OF FINE ARTS for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904 or as it is known around here THE SAINT LOUIS WORLD’S FAIR or The Fair Judy Garland Rode The Trolley To in Meet Me In Saint Louis.

It’s a beautiful old building supposedly inspired by the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. But I am always attracted to the six sculptures that stand ON TOP of the building. I suppose they represent the FINE ARTS, but it sure is hard to tell. They’re covered by a century worth of Saint Louis grime, soot and bird droppings. What do they really look like? But, they  still stand on top of the building that stands on top of Art Hill waiting for people to drop by and visit. If can’t visit, click on the photo for a closer view.



Guess what? It’s HUMP day!

AKA as Wednesday, the day in the middle of the week. So let’s get down to the business of the day.


You remember crickets don’t you?Pinocchio2

Jiminy Cricket in person.

As voiced by Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike) he was one of the most memorable characters ever created by the Disney Studios. A lot of that fame goes to Wish Upon A Star, too. But getting down to the nitty-gritty, this is what a cricket really looks like.insect E1

And when recreated in origami paper, this is what you end up with …DSC09598

I added the little eye to give him a bit more personality. Unfortunately, he really lacks the charm of the Disney version.  But then, you haven’t heard him sing.DSC09589

A hat!  He really needs a hat. And while I do a fairly decent Ukulele Ike, Mlle. Renee refused to allow me to sing.  Party pooper!

Well, that’s …3cce





Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

In a post created specifically for this challenge, share a photo that shows us abandoned. As everyone should know, an abandoned building is, just by the fact that it is abandoned, is a dangerous place to be. So in this day and age most abandoned buildings are boarded up  or fenced in to keep people from wandering around in them and  getting injured. So, for my challenge I picked a subject that is brand new, but looks ABANDONED in an almost ancient way. My subject is Andy Goldsworthy’s STONE SEA, a sculpture piece created last year for the Saint Louis Museum Of Fine Art. The work consists of twenty-five giant sandstone arches assembled together to form a sea of stone in a narrow passageway between the original classic 1904 Museum building  and a new 2013 addition. The STONE SEA can be seen through multiple windows in a corridor connecting the two buildings. My view of ABANDONED is seen through a single window,




Well, Mlle. Renee has been working on the snow in the backyard, and I’m convinced she is show artistic ability in her footwork.



I definitely see a peace symbol in the upper left corner of this work.



And check the measured perspective of those intercrossing lines. And check the different geometric shapes in the design.

My dog has real talent!

Or, she could be leaving messages for the alien invaders.