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Those Autumn Leaves Are Really Nothing To Sing About!

Last Saturday was a beautiful sunny day.  It was sort of like an Indian Summer … only it couldn’t be an Indian Summer because we haven’t had a first frost of fall yet. But my lawn with Autumn Leaves, so I decided to get my lawn mower out and kill  two jobs (last grass trim before winter and a great leaf suck-up) at one swell swoop. And when I finished, the yard looked manicured. Well, at least until the rain started on Monday night.

Come Tuesday morning, my beautifully manicured lawn suddenly looked like this.LeafyLawn

It was covered with twice as many autumn leaves as there had been on Saturday. Sure, I could blame it on the wind and rain, but I know better. LEAF DROPPER

My lawn had been attacked by the leaf devil who ran around the yard shaking the branches of all the trees and dropping leaves to the accompaniment of a glissando tinkling piano. It was probably named Roger, too.

Guess I’ll have to drag out the leaf blower tomorrow.


THUD … !!!



And to celebrate, the West Walnut Manor trees started littering the lawns.

Actually, I was expecting this.

Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights showed up in grocery stores last week!


My favorite fall treat!

September 22 – 9:29 p.m. CDT

And all things considered, it was a pretty good summer around here!


MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR WEDNESDAY, DAY 310 OF 2013: Some mornings …SomeMornings

You just feel like laying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Mlle. Renee walked into my bedroom a little after six … no, she didn’t want to go outside because she and I could hear it raining. Instead, she came in and woke me up to ask if she could jump into bed with me. She’s a very polite dog. “Come on, get in!!” I said patting the bed. And in a blink she was snuggled next to my legs … and snoring. I should be so lucky. Mlle. is a very loud snorer. So I just stared up at the ceiling day-dreaming about what I would or wouldn’t be doing that day. I’m a side sleeper and when I rolled over I was probably soon snoring … until the clock radio went off. Even though I don’t any reason to get up, why does the clock radio wake me up every morning? So I’ll be up and ready to answer the phone when Rachel, Louise, Mary, Ann, Mad Max and all the other robo-callers start making their daily calls. Mad Max is the gruff old man who starts shouting at you the minute you pick up the phone. “IF YOU’RE OLD, YOU NEED A MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM!!!”  What I need is for all robo-callers to be banished to the third level of hell.

THE AUTUMN LEAVES HAVE STOPPED FALLING: Well, my Wordless Wednesday post this morning said it all.

“Les Feuilles Mortes”

“Les Feuilles Mortes”

In case you’re wondering, “Les Feuilles Mortes” was the original French title of Roger Williams’ classic AUTUMN LEAVES. Really?  The DEAD LEAVES? I thought the French were romantic and poetic.  Anyway, the early morning rains stripped the all the leaves from the maple trees in my yard.  Leaving  a colorful carpet of even more Dead Leaves or to be poetic … “Les Feuilles Tombées”

“Les Feuilles Tombées”

“Les Feuilles Tombées”

Now all I have to do is wait for all the other trees in the neighborhood to finish dropping their leaves on my lawns.

TODAY’S ORIGAMI CHALLENGE – FROG MAN:DSC08155For some reason, I always thought a FROGMAN was a man in a rubber suit … sort of like Lloyd Bridges. This guy actually reminds me of an alien.  So I added a couple of touches of my own in the folding.DSC08156

But if I had used green paper, it actually would have looked like Kermit T.F.

TODAY’S MENSA PUZZLE:  Yes, it involves math!DSC08154

HOW TO TREK ALL OF FOREST PARK: In a lot of my posts here, I talk about trekking around Forest Part in Saint Louis. But since the Park covers 1,371  acres, I doubt if a lot of tourists to the city would enjoy trekking through all of the park’s key attractions in a single day like I did … ONCE! And although the trolley that went CLANG-CLANG-CLANG as it took Judy Garland to the park in the 40s movie is long gone, the city does provide a way for visitors to get around the park and all of its many attractions. Enter the new FOREST PARK TROLLEY … DSC08036

The TROLLEY is a bus that you can’t miss … and yes, that is a baby elephant sitting in the front seat.DSC08037As it makes its trip around the Park stopping at all of the key attractions …

DSC08030You can get on the TROLLEY at the Forest Park METROLINK STATION or at any of the 18 stops in the Park for $2-Adults and $1-Children 5 to 12 and your ticket is good for the entire day.  Naturally, you can also get around the park by car, but free parking is limited and if you plan on visiting more than one attraction very impractical because you’d be doing a lot of walking.  (There is also pay parking at the Zoo, Art Museum and Science Center.)



Weekly Photo Challenge – Renewal

A lot of people look at fall as a season of dying. Summer with its sunny days and warmth has ended. All the autumn leaves are dying and falling off of the trees and littering up the lawns. Days are getting shorter and darker. But actually fall is a season of RENEWAL. Sure the leaves are falling, but the trees aren’t dying. They’re taking a nap to store of the energy needed for a spring revival. And all those leaves littering up the lawns … with the help of the rain and the snow, they’re going decompose and renew the soil with nutrients and humus to feed the trees and plants come spring.

So all those leaves cluttering up the lawn …

Are just signs of RENEWAL!


It was last Saturday’s rain that started it all. Sort of shaking the trees and loosening the leaves. By Sunday morning you could see the leaves starting to gather on the lawn.


Then the wind got into the action sending even more leaves down to cover the ground.


Then last night’s rain storm not only send baseball players and fans running for cover … it also covered the lawn with a new layer of multi-hued leaves. This morning I found the yard completely covered with leaves. Recalling the days of my youth and the fragrant smell of leaves burning in tall bonfires, I almost considered raking the leaves up. Then I remembered that it was against the law to have leaf burning bonfires. No, I’d have to run the power-mower over the lawn and catch the chomped up leaves in the mower bag to dump on the compost piles. Drat, they really take all of the romance out of maintaining a lawn these days! But since the lawn and leaves where too wet to pick up with the mower, I put the lawn cleanup  job off to a sunnier day. Instead  I picked one of the bright red leaves off the lawn, and went inside to relive those wonderful memories of yesteryear with a bit of creative photography.


Where is Roger Williams when you need him?

Saturday I spent most of the day picking up leaves on the lawn and mulching them as filler to add to the compost pile. When I was finished I looked up to check how many leaves were still clinging to their branches.

Not many in my trees (upper left corner) … but when I looked at the trees on the other side of the right of way I heard a strange Mwu-ha-ha- ha.  Though it could have come from the jet liner passing overhead just as I snapped the photo.

This morning there were a sizable amount of leaves littering the lawn. I tried to teach Mlle. Renee how to fetch leaves and carry them back to the compost pile by bribing her with liver snaps. Once I gave her the liver snap, she turned away and I heard that strange Mwu-ha-ha-ha again.