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MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR FRIDAY, DAY 298 OF 2013:  In case you’re wondering, I didn’t forget Thursday, Day 297.  I was actually gainfully employed in a photo project most of the day and evening. Besides, the origami project was folding yet another little box that I’ve done in some shape and form a half-dozen different times already, and the Mensa Puzzle was lining up eleven different people of mixed sexes from five different countries. The calendar page was filled with thirteen lines of a miniscule type face explaining the problem. Enough said! I’m back to the daily routine today, and the furnace is working overtime this morning to balance out the chill in the house from last night’s first hard freeze of the season. (The coldest overnight temp since April 3.) There was even talk last night about the possibility of snow flurries. REALLY‽  I actually had to break out the winter clothes yesterday. We had very chilling strong winds all day long, and I opted out for a steaming bowl of French Onion soup to warm me up for lunch yesterday. BASEBALL FANS — NO NEED TO WORRY! This is Saint Louis and the temps will be back to the upper 60s in time for this weekend’s Series games. And if I had watched the game last night, my Red Bird would have been able to flap his wings a couple of times.DSC07977

Also because of the sudden late fall weather we had yesterday, I opted for cooking simply warm comfort food for dinner …ChiliCheeseBurger

A Chili Cheese Burger Skillet Supper using the leftover chili from a couple of days ago and a freshly grilled burger topped with Jack Cheese and French-fried onion strings.  It warmed the cockles of my inner-being and other body parts.


Well, there are bad days, and then there are kimono days … especially when they’re chilly days.DSC07980

Not to worry, Woody and I will not be taking part in the Origami Edition of Project Runway.OrigamiPR




MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR SATURDAY, DAY 285 OF 2013:  It rained last night. Didn’t hear it, but the ground was wet this morning. Well, not all the ground since it was still as dry as a bone under all of the trees. Not a surprise, because the weather folks said we’re technically back in drought condition due to the lack of late summer and early fall rainfall  in our area.  Sure, we’ve had a number a heavy rain falls. But when the rain comes down heavy, it doesn’t soak into the ground … it runs off into the storm sewers. So, I guess one of the causes for our drought conditions is because our forefathers and mothers built storm sewers. You can’t win sometimes.



While we’re in the midst of the major league baseball playoffs, I thought it might be nice to give the local team a bit of time in the old blog. I just realized that the last time I went to a baseball game was about twenty years ago.

And it wasn’t at this Busch Stadium ballpark … 005_busch_stadium

It was at this Busch StadiumBuschStadium,st_louis

But the Busch Stadium I remember the most was this one.sportsman_park

But for the most of my growing up years it was called SPORTSMAN’S PARK. It was on Grand Avenue and for my first fourteen years, I lived about two blocks away from it. I should confess that during those years I was a Brown’s fan. I guess I should tell you that my dad was the ultimate Browns fan, so I really didn’t have any other options. The Browns were the other team in town, and I  was a member of the their Knothole Gang. We got free tickets to the games through my grade school. The Cardinals did give free tickets.BrownsAs their years in Saint Louis dwindled down to a precious few, the team tried to attract new fans with the Brownie logo.Brownie

It didn’t work, and in 1953 the Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Orioles. And the local beer baron who owned the Cardinals bought Sportsman’s Park and changed the name to Busch Stadium. The next year my family moved to the suburbs. Guess there was nothing left in the city for my dad.

I will occasionally watch a baseball game on TV, but I’m not a rabid or even avid fan. Too slow. But then so is football. And don’t get me started on golf. My sport is trekking around town and writing about my journeys and adventures on these pages. Dream on!

TODAY’S ORIGAMI CHALLENGE: Well, since it is the weekend I really wasn’t expecting any new challenge on the calendar. But I do have hopes of better origami projects for next week. But NOSHI? It sounds like some Jewish-Japanese hybrid.Noshi





It’s the anniversary of the day his three ships landed in what he called the New World in 1492. And before you start bitching about him, remember he got screwed, too. He didn’t find a new route to India. The new world he thought he discovered wasn’t named Columbia. He didn’t become Admiral Of The Seas. He was fired by the king.  He didn’t get his rewards. He was thrown into jail. And he died 14 years after his voyage, and nobody knows where he’s really buried.800px-Columbus_1892_Issue-$5


He did make it onto a stamp though.

But who could afford a five dollar stamp in 1892?



MY CALENDAR – WEDNESDAY, DAY 198: Did you know that Wednesday wasn’t referred to as Hump Day until the 1960s.Sometimes I actually thinks it should be Slump Day because that’s when my get up and go becomes more like got up and went … which is sort of the condition of my Origami Calendar.

MY ORIGAMI CALENDAR CHALLENGE – CATCHER’S MItT: DSCF0545Today the calendar wants me to fold a sheet from the daily news into a catcher’s mitt. Since our daily paper does not have the same configuration of the calendar’s newspaper, it wouldn’t fold the same. Besides, my hands would get all black from the ink rub-off. So I folded and trimmed a sheet of folding paper to the same dimensions as the one on the puzzle page. And guess what? Our special guest star today could actually wear the mitt for a game of catch.DSCF0543


A Cowboy Catcher!

The Mensa Puzzle Calendar has been having a string of doable puzzles not involving math. Here’s today’s…DSCF0546

But I don’t know who Spider-Man’s supervillain is. How come I knew all the answers but that?


In case you’ve forgotten, Friday the 13th is visiting us AGAIN!  Exactly 13 weeks ago we had the first Friday 13th of 2012, and today we get a second helping of the luckless day. And to make matters worse in 13 more weeks we get hit with a third one. The only thing to do is stay inside to avoid lightning, avoid all black cats, spilled salt, ladders and most importantly … zombies!

Today is also the opening of the 2012 baseball season in the Wicket City … if it ever stops raining. So I got my baseball cap out of the closet to have it ready for summer.

Yes, that’s the right cap! You see, I was born and grew up in the shadow of  Sportsman’s Park in North Saint Louis where fan loyalty favored Falstaff Beer, the American League, and the Saint Louis Browns. Sure the Cardinals played in the same ballpark, but the Browns had the Knothole Gang which provided free tickets to the kids from schools around the park.  And yes, bribery buys loyalty … even though the team was always the underdog. I have nothing against the Cardinals, but I just don’t have that inbred loyalty I had for the Browns. Even though they left town and moved to Baltimore. Hell, even my family moved out of North Saint Louis. 

Anyway, since I didn’t have  free  tickets for the opening game, I decided to spend my day cutting the back lawn. Unfortunately, Moms Nature had other plans sending chill winds, thunder, lightning and wet stuff. Mlle. Renee wanted me to join her and hide in the safe corner of the basement. But that would only make a gloomy day gloomier. So I decided to cheer-up the house by hanging the quilted sunflower wall hanging that my sister-in-law had made for me.

And it worked, too!

I also downloaded the photos I’d been storing on my camera for the past several weeks to my computer files. One of the problems with digital cameras is you don’t have to worry about  the cost of film. So you naturally shoot a lot of photos that you end up wondering why you shot them when you download them onto the computer. Like this …    even STL knows East Saint Louis, which is actually in Illinois, is a hell hole.

On the plus side the photo stash on my camera yielded a photo session with Nichole Marie, my second great-niece who is just two weeks old.

As you can see she’s totally photogenic, and I’m convinced that she is destined to become the conductor of a symphony orchestra some time in the future. My niece and nephew are lucky to have such a perfect, beautiful little girl. And Nichole is lucky to have wonderful and caring parents.

And that’s how I spent my Friday the 13th.  OK, July 13 … top that!


To be really honest, it is much too cold to be baseball weather, but that didn’t stop a gazillion people (including the first and second ladies of the country) from packing Busch Stadium III. And while I’m not an avid Cardinal fan* I will cheer them on for hometown glory.

*Not an avid Cardinal fan?  

OK, if the truth be known I was born during the era when Saint Louis had two baseball teams the Cardinals and the perennial losers the Browns. Oh, there was a time when the Browns were a respected winning team, but that was quite a while before my baseball days. And baseball has always been a bit confusing in Saint Louis. The Browns originally started out as the Saint Louis Brown Stockings of the National Association League in 1875. In 1892 the National Association folded and the Brown Stockings became a member of the new National League and changed the color of the uniform from brown to cardinal red. They also changed their name to the Saint Louis Cardinals to match their new uniforms.

Confused yet? Hold on, it gets better. In 1901 the Milwaukee Brewers of the American League picked up their bats and gloves and moved to Saint Louis. Since Saint Louis was loaded with brewers and breweries at the time and since no one was using the name Browns, the Brewers changed their name to the Saint Louis Browns. They also built a grand new ballpark at the corner of Grand and Dodier … a site that had been home to various ballparks and stadiums since 1866 the year my great-grandfather moved to Saint Louis and started making the red bricks of which the city and ballparks were eventually built. The new ballpark was called SPORTSMAN’S PARK. 

Several decades later, I was born and grew up in a house three blocks from the ballpark. Since the Browns owned the ballpark and wanted to fill all the seats, they started the Knothole Gang and gave free tickets to schools surrounding the ballpark so the kids could see the games. I was the recipient of a number of these free tickets, and that’s why I was a loyal fan of the Browns  … up until 1953 when the Browns packed up their gloves and bats and moved to Baltimore where they changed the team’s name to the Orioles. Oh, woeful day!  However, as you can see, whenever I attend a baseball game I always wear this hat.




I, however,  am currently protesting the Cardinal’s team, management, and local media and fans. I didn’t mind when the Cardinal mascot was a nice red bird. Birds are my friends, except for grackles. But ever since they racing for a pennant, whatever that is,  they have been trying to deify every half-baked critter that comes around as a rally mascot.  Really, a turtle? Or an even most probably rabid squirrel? Don’t they know that turtles just sit there? And squirrels will steal your Liver Snaps if you happen to drop one on the ground. If they wanted a really rally mascot that is loyal and would stand by them to the end … win or lose … why didn’t they come up with a canine. I’m just saying, I was available.