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Tomorrow the first day of Fall will arrive at 10:29 P.M./EDT, and I was just thinking that I hadn’t seen a butterfly around the garden all summer. Then a flock of three showed up in the back gardens of West Walnut Manor!SundayVisitors1




SundayVisitors5They all appear to be male Monarchs. Could it be that these butterflies are not only free, but also gay? That could explain the dwindling numbers in the Monarch migrations. But it sure is great to see them flutter by on their way south again.

But with so many monarchs hanging around, I knew that there had to be a few commoners, serfs, toadies and peons in the area. And sure enough, I this is what I found in the lower end of the flower bed …Commoners1

… a common and smaller American Painted Lady or Thistle butterfly and a bunch of worker bees busy at work.


By the way, does anyone know the name of the pink flowers that my mother planted behind what was then or vegetable garden some fifty years ago. The butterflies and bees really are attracted to them.



31 DOC – Ornamental Butterflies … Day 24

Today, I took a break from folding an origami butterfly, and took the opportunity to enjoy the cool July weather that returned overnight. I went trekking and used my camera to capture images of butterflies I spied on my trek around town. 



They both have a center fan segment that catches the wind of twirls. The wind also rotates the butterflies to keep in the direction of the moving wind.

On a somewhat grander scale there was this giant Monarch Butterfly and Blossem made from a multitude of Lego blocks.Monarch

It was part of a special exhibit in the Missouri Botanical Garden in the Climatron which is a multi-level tropical greenhouse encased in a giant geodesic dome. I’ll cover more of my  TREK to the Garden in tomorrow’s and Saturday’s posts. In other words, that means I took a lot of photographs that I have to go through before I can post them. By the way, have you ever seen of CORPSE FLOWER? You will in one of my next posts.

30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 22

30 Days Of Creativity – Tuesday – Day 22 — Today my Origami Butterfly is another variation that I created based on a number of models I featured in past posts.


The Lemon-Lime Butterfly

30 DOC – Origami Butterflies … Day 15

Today has been totally strange day.  First we broke a 123 year old weather record for the lowest high temperature for July 15.  Our high for the day was a very pleasant 76 degrees which was one degree lower than the previous lowest high recorded in 1891. I’m not complaining, because last week we were sweltering and sweating. Only one problem I had to go grocery shopping and my MetroBus goes through Forest Park and apparently everybody decided to take a trip to the zoo which caused a massive traffic jam in the park and delaying my travel time by about 25 minutes. I’m not saying we have stupid drivers in the Wicket City, but everyone was so desperate to find a parking spot they paid no attention to the YELLOW stripes painted along the curbs, or the NO PARKING SIGNS, or the FIREPLUGS along the streets. There wasn’t an empty parking space on any of the streets through the park. And did I feel upset when I saw the Park Rangers slapping PARKING TICKETS on any of the cars illegally park. HELL NO! Stupidity pays a lot of the city’s bills.And as soon as one of the returns to the car and drives off … some other fool will fill the spot.

Anyway, I’m late in posting my daily origami butterfly. Basically because I couldn’t get an internet connection for the past three hours. Probably, another foolish driver hit just another utility pole and brought down the cable again. That’s the problem with living in a city that’s been around for 250 years. It will be years before they get around to burying the utility wires.




And since it is already a half hour into July 16, that’s all I have to write.

30DOC – Origami Butterflies … Friday Day 11

Guess what? I’m playing catch-up for two days of missed posts. This one is for the missed Friday entry for my 10 Days Of Creativity Origami Butterfly project.DSC00137


I thought it was a good choice because I received this year’s U.S. Postage Butterfly stamp.Butterfly Stamp

In case you’re wondering, the butterfly being honored is the Great Spangled Fritillary.

My Friday was rather busy. In addition to playing nurse-maid for my beloved canine companion (washing her ears out twice a day an applying healing medications), I had to go to my eye doctor to pick up my new glasses … get my hair cut and do some grocery shopping. Renee is being an angel about the medical treatment … except for washing her ears out. I have no problem getting the soap solution into her ear. But she shakes it out before I can wash out the ear. Her ear is getting better, and the swelling of the ear flap is going down. She’s also returning to her happy dog demeanor.

One of the things I went to the stupidmarket was to get some watermelon sticks for myself. While I was in the produce department I was conned by a sweet little old lady into sampling a Rainier Cherry. Rainier cherries are yellow inside and out, with just a bit of red blush on them, and exceptionally large. They are quite sweet, very firm and totally delicious!DSC00127And no, I didn’t buy that little dish of cherries!

I bought an entire bowl of cherries. DSC00129

Proving once again that life really is just a bowl of cherries!  (Groan!)

I moved on to the bakery department to pick up a loaf of sour dough bread where another little young lady conned me into sampling a bite of Oreo Gooey Butter Cake. (Hopefully, Gooey Butter Cake is a Saint Louis tradition with which you’re acquainted. I only bought a single slice.DSC00124

But I’ll be able to cut it into four brownie-sized portions that will last me four days. Then I hurried out of the store before I could be tempted into buying other treats for myself.

And yes, Mlle. Renee checked out my grocery bag as soon as I got into the house.  And she found nothing for her. That’s when I got her “See If I Let You Pour Soap Water Into My Ears Tonight!” look!


So far this month, I have folded an origami butterfly for every single day!

JULY 1 …DSC00079


JULY 2 …DSC00080


JULY 3 … DSC00081


And for the Fourth of July … 


Now, you’re probably asking yourself , “Who is Button Gwinnett?”  Well, he was a delegate from Georgia to the Continental Congress who was the second person to sign the Declaration Of Independence. After that, he wrote the original draft of the Georgia State Constitution, became Speaker of the Georgia Assembly and served as President Of Georgia. In May of 1777, he was killed in a duel. Since his period of fame was so brief, he had very little time to sign an autograph. So, his autograph is the rarest of any of the other signers of the Declaration. This fact has been the basis of several movies and TV episodes.  And if you’re reader of fine mystery novels with a lighter twist, Lawrence Block’s latest Bernie Rhodenbarr Burglar novel uses Button’s story as part of the plot. It’s good, too!spoons

Anyway, since I’ve already folded a butterfly everyday this month, I’ve decided to see if I can make a butterfly everyday for the entire creative month of July. Sort of my personal 30-Days Of Creativity!



Two weeks ago this part of the back lawn was brown dried up grass … the result of an extremely hot and dry summer. The rains we had over the past couple of week have changed all of that, and today I actually had to mow the grass. Past the compost piles you see in the mid-foreground; I let the back of the yard grow natural and come fall the area is filled multiple types of butterflies. This year they’re late! Don’t know if it was the heat or the drought that has slowed their migration.

 Sure, I’ve seen a number of honey bee’s dropping in for a bit of nectar. And their numbers appear to be increasing. But today, I even saw a number of big bumble bees late this afternoon.

And lo and behold  the first butterfly showed up, too!

I also think the shasta daisy seeds I planted last spring finally sprouted. But they’re awfully small.

But they’re right in the middle of a field of goldenrod and totally overshadowed!  But the roses in the front rule this year. From the eight-inch tall plants I started they are now about three-feet tall and about six-feet in diameter. They’re also a mass of red and pink blossoms.

It’s a real rose explosion. A great investment, but now I have to learn how to prune them for next year.

Oh, yeah … the first fall leaf fell this afternoon.  And it was red!



Last week I discovered and photographed a species of butterfly I had never seen before. Which wasn’t that unusual, since I’m not really an avid butterfly follower.


From the look of the tattered wings, the day-to-day life of fluttering around town has not been easy this summer.

After a long internet search I discovered that my butterfly was an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail and specifically a light-colored female. (I think?)