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MY CALENDAR FOR SUNDAY/DAY 202 – July 21, 2013: I was a bit under the weather yesterday, it was hot, sultry, humid and totally oppressive. So Renee and I slept late and stayed inside with the AC all day. OK, I did brush Renee with her magic fingers dog grooming brush that catches all the loose hair. If she could articulate the words … more, More, MORE … that’s all I would have been hearing. I did turn on the TV in the afternoon and we both stretched out on our personal sofas for an afternoon nap. Golf broadcasts are a great nap inducer.

THE SUNDAY ORIGAMI CALENDAR CHALLENGE – which was the same as the Saturday page and it again sparked another protest demonstration. 

DSCF0597 Today’s demonstration was sparked by the headline (MOSTLY BARK AND NO BITE!) which the Anti-dog Defamation Coalition deemed to be somewhat offensive.DSCF0606

They decided to put a little bite into their barks of protest and chewed the calendar page to pieces. That will teach you to mess with origami lovers and/or origami characters.

Thankfully, the Mensa Puzzle Calendar has a workable puzzle for today, and the weather calendar has the next four days listed for no sun and a lot of rain I think I’ll spend the afternoon working the puzzle or taking a nap. What the heck! We could do both.21


The year was 1968 and Judy Collins recorded a song by Joni Mitchell titled BOTH SIDES, NOW, and ever since I don’t think anyone can study CLOUDS in the sky without recalling that song. That’s what I thought of when I looked at the 30 DoC Inspiration Calendar and saw that the theme for the fifth day of creativity was CLOUDS. This photo looks at clouds from a slightly different perspective.

As a tribute to Joni and Judy I also whipped up this little word cloud using the lyrics of BOTH SIDES, NOW!

Side note: Judy Collins and I share a birth year, and I’m happy to say she’s still going strong and sounding as great as ever. I manage to get up every morning  and do something a little bit creative.



A couple of days ago my friend Becky posted a magnetic poem about cloud gazing. After reading it, I remembered a group of cloud photos I had taken about two weeks ago. I had quite a few birthdays coming up in August and September, so I decided to take a trip to my Target Store and replenish my card stock.

When I left the house the skies were bright blue with a few puff pillow clouds. And I jumped on the MetroBus going south for a quick ride. As we were going around Forest Park, I noticed the skies were getting cloudy. By the time I got off the bus, the skies looked like this …

The clouds actually looked liked they were pockmarked!

In my entire life I had never seen clouds that looked liked these.

They looked so ominous, I picked up my pace across the Target parking lot and rushed to the door.

And I just made it to the door of the store when raindrops began to splat the ground. And they were like the mother of all raindrops! Either that or someone was throwing water balloons down on us.

On the News Live At Five I discovered that my strange clouds were mamatus  or “breast” clouds that formed under a layer of cumulonimbus thunderclouds which often indicates severe storms and tornadoes. The shower was rather brief and by the time I came out of the store the skies were blue again and the ground was almost dry.

Since the clouds looked like they had been lifted from some old master’s painting, I knew I just had to share them with Becky.  Enjoy, cloud gazing is free!


When I woke up this morning I had no idea what I was going to do for the 22nd day of creativity. Then I went outside and discovered that the first full day of summer had gone retro to become probably the best spring day we’ve had this years. The temps were refreshing and the skies were as cerulean as only a Saint Louis sky can be.  So I decided to go trekking and be creative by looking at clouds from both sides through an eight-hour day.  That means you’re going to see a lot of photos today.

The first clouds were just wisps of moisture in the blue skies … 

Then they started to whirl together … 

And become rather cosmic looking … 

That’s when the started getting billowy …

But when the sun showed up behind the clouds …

I knew it was time for lunch … 

The best ever tuna melt sub with peanut oil fried fries!!! Then back to the clouds . . .

where  I started seeing things in them … 

They also started ganging  up … 

And turning threatening … 

And looking like they were ready to rip … 

But I was back home by then listening to Judy Blue Eyes – Both Sides Now!

In my opinion, no one can sing like Judy Collins.