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COMFORT FOOD! And that’s what I did as soon as the house was warm enough to get out of bed and get dressed.  First it was breakfast, and I baked …




2 Cups Unbleached Whole Wheat Flour

2 TBL Unrefined Sugar

3 TSP Baking Powder

1 TSP Salt

1/2 Cup Shorting (or 1 stick Unsalted Butter at room temperature)

3/4 Cup 2% Milk

Combine  flour, sugar, baking powder, salt in a bowl. Add the shorting or soft butter to the dry ingredients and work into fine crumbs using a grandmother’s fork.

Add the milk and work into a soft dough.

Place a piece of parchment paper on the table and sprinkle with flour. Put the dough on the table and knead 10 to 20 times. Save your hands by wearing vinyl food prep gloves. Pull the parchment paper over dough to cover and press it to about 1/2 inch thick and cut with a 2-inch cookie cutter or water-glass and put the biscuits on an ungreased pan. I usually make eight biscuits so I have some leftover dough.

Pop into a 450 degree oven  and bake 12 to 15 minutes until golden brown.

Now take the leftover dough and pat it down into a square about 1/4 inch thick. Sprinkle with sugar, cocoa powder and cinnamon and roll into a tube. Cut into six pieces  and place each piece cut side down into a pocket of a muffin pan.  Now the biscuits are done, so take them out of the oven and put the Cinnabuns into the over. Bake about 12 minutes until they look like this …DSC09117

Now get yourself a cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and eat!

Now, that took hardly any time at all and you only have one bowl and a fork to wash. OK, you also have to roll the parchment paper up and drop it into the trash. No table to clean up either.

THEN FOR SUPPER … I made a chicken vegetable soup!



OK, get a large pot and add four cups of water. Drop in four chicken bouillon cubes. If you have chicken broth in a can or carton skip the cubes and water and use four cups of it instead. Cut two skinless/boneless chicken breasts into cubs and drop into the broth. Turn up the heat to medium and start cooking the chicken. Now, get your veggies.  I used frozen mixed vegetables (corn, carrot, peas, green beans and lima beans plus a package of frozen sliced okra, a bit of frozen onion, green/red pepper and celery.  (It’s called seasoning vegetables in the store’s freezer case and its all cut up and ready to drop in the pot. Keep it on hand in the freezer … you can use it for a gazillion different dishes.)  I also had some chopped spinach leftover from last night’s dinner so I added it, too. Then I topped it off with a can of diced tomatoes. That’s ten or eleven different veggies, so this soup is low cal and healthy for you. Season to taste … salt, pepper, poultry seasoning, crushed red pepper, dried mustard and nutmeg. But go easy on the salt, remember you used bouillon cubes or broth that has a lot of salt in it. Now simmer away on a low heat until you’re ready to eat.  Bet you it’s the best soup you’ve ever eaten on a cold winter night. But then, anything that’s warm is good on a cold winter night.



And I even had biscuits left over from breakfast.





Five days into February and the weather isn’t getting any better. Curses, Mr. Groundhog! OK, so we didn’t get the possible 9 to 12 inches they were predicting. But Mlle. Renee has had to trek through 4 to 5 inches and that goes up pretty high on her canine paws and legs when she has to go outside. Never could find a pair of snow boots that satisfied her fashion tastes. It also didn’t get much higher than 20F outside either. But I still bundled up and went out to sweep the snow from the front steps and the back deck. I also put out the last of the salt and calcium chloride mix. Don’t want to take another Bob-sled trip down the deck ramp again.

Other than that, Renee and I spent most of the day either sleeping-in, eating, catching up with now out-of-date periodicals and napping. That was until Stan my resident Demon showed up sporting yet another inspirational button for me.DSC09110

And wouldn’t you know, he also brought the Origami Instruction Manual. That’s what I get for creating an Origami Demon! Who knew they keep coming back to annoy encourage you to continue your creativity. Well, I knew I wasn’t going to try that blasted kangaroo that I screwed up on my last four attempts. And I didn’t want to make another Star Wars origami … because Stan and his Demon relatives always want to make them fly. So Stan suggested, that since I was feeling blue today to make something happy like a bluebird of happiness. He even had the book opened up to the pattern.



Do you know that I’ve lived in Missouri my entire life and I’ve never seen a BLUEBIRD … which happens to be the Missouri State Bird. Guess that’s because all of the Dogwood Trees (the state flower) I planted for them always died. So I attempted to fold a bluebird. And this was the result —DSC09112

It could have been better, but it was very hard to fold.  Would you believe a dozen thicknesses of paper and 26 different folds? Each leg alone was 12-layers of paper. Sure, I’ll try it again, but I’ll have to get thinner folding paper. Stan at least was happy. He’s trying to teach it to fly.

And about being in the dumps.  The weather wizards are predicting we’ll hit 1F or lower tomorrow. Thanks, again, groundhog!



That title for today’s post was supplied by Mlle. Renee who has spent the entire day either sleeping in my bed with me or on her sofa in the living room.

“Warm is good. Snow is bad!”


Well, I started the day this way …DSC09094


The Toad In The Hole, which is not related to the British breakfast dish of the same name in any way, shape or form, is just an egg fried in a hole in a slice of bread. The Facon is just fried strips of sliced ham. It was quite colorful and tasty.

MY MUG OF THE DAY: Well, I guess we’ve reached the bottom of the mug tribute.



This is not the original reproduction of the Ball Caning Jar with a handle. I broke that jar/mug a long time ago. This is just a cheap imitation. The coffee is a decaf Breakfast Blend. It does go well with cinnamon chocolate chip crescent rolls.DSC09076

What do you expect for a cold and snowy day other than warm and cozy food. Chili for supper, tonight?


YESTERDAY, MY DAY BEGAN AND ENDED WITH VERY CONFUSING PHONE CALLS: Like most people living in the world of I-phones and sundry other forms of digital telephones, my land line wired phone is reserved for aging relatives, robo- calls, wrong numbers, emergency 911 calls and any call requiring me to type in information from a keypad. Also, even though I carry a cell phone with me, I have never ever taken a photo with my phone or sent same from my phone. And I have never sent or received a text message on my phone. And just to be honest, my ideal cell phone would probably look like this.SeniorCellPhone


But getting back to my Saturday phone calls.  My day started with the phone ringing shortly after 8:oo. Really, who calls anybody at eight on a Saturday morning? I looked at the caller ID and it said 702 NEVADA NUMBER. Really, how many charities have their solicitation center located in Los Vegas. Anyway the caller started her pitch about Supporting Breast Cancer which was strange since that drive was held back in October. So I hung up. I never give a credit card number to some bimbo in Las Vegas at eight in the morning.

Mlle. Renee convinced me that we should get back in bed until the house warmed up a bit when the Saturday morning alarm went off at 11:30. The classical radio station does an opera broadcast at noon on Saturday, and yesterday they were doing Richard Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde form the Houston Grand Opera. Renee didn’t mind, since I wasn’t really familiar with the score and wouldn’t be singing along with Ben Heppner. I spent the rest of the afternoon doing catch-up jobs and taking  an afternoon nap until the phone rang again. The phone picked up and recorded the message which was so unusual that I posted it on my Facebook page.

Here’s the original message I received and posted on FACEBOOK (since I have long been an openly confirmed bachelor and curmudgeon) along with some of the responses I received. Names have been reduced to initials

Robert Edler

23 hours ago
Just received a courtesy call that my wife who was in delivery is now going back for a C-section.
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C L H and T J L like this.

S L R Good idea with heavy weather coming in. I wish her convenience and a healthy new person.
23 hours ago · Like

S L Whoa. Hope the baby arrives okay.
23 hours ago · Like

S L  ☺ 23 hours ago · Like

Robert Edler Didn’t even know I had a wife. Especially one who is pregnant.
23 hours ago · Like

J M Well, what are you doing at home?
23 hours ago via mobile · Like

Robert Edler Trying to convince Mlle. Renee I haven’t been cheating on her.
23 hours ago · Like · 3

S L R So I see–sorry, wrong number!
23 hours ago · Like

B M CONGRATULATIONS!!!!…and at your age.
23 hours ago · Like · 1

C L H  Pity the poor guy who didn’t get the call.
21 hours ago · Like · 1

T D Mazel Tov!
20 hours ago · Like

C W Well, congrats on that!!
20 hours ago via mobile · Like

H R I couldn’t be happier for you both. Will there be a bris?
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I took one look out the window and immediately whipping up a batch of hot biscuits. Here’s what I saw when I looked out the window …



Then Mlle. Renee had to go outside and you know …



Her only comment was, “You should be glad you don’t have to go out to pee today!”



Mlle Renee woke me up at 6:30 this morning. She had to go out and … you know. It was just starting to snow and only sticking on the deck and a couple of the colder areas of the grass. She was out and back in a flash and after a quick rub down with her fluffy towel, she decided she’d sleep in a little longer in my bed … just to keep me warm. She’s a very thoughtful companion. So we slept in until 11:30.

There was a lot more snow on the ground when we looked out the door this time, and though it was falling in a thick untoasted corn flake fashion she decided she had to patrol the grounds. When I looked out a couple of minutes later she was frolicking like a puppy or a human five-year old. (Renee won’t be five until Mother’s Day, which would make her going on to 35 in human years. She prefers to stop counting years at that point.) After walking around the house for a while, she decided that my room and my bed was the warmest place for her to warm up.TheLadyInRed

Playing in snow can be so exhausting … cold and wet, too!


What’s a poor dog to do on the last day of the year when the snow is falling and blowing around and getting the poor puppy paws wet and cold?


Well, she has to stay inside and play. Which can be a real problem when you can’t find the right toy that you want to play with.  So, you just haul them out of the toy box and scatter them all around the living room floor. Proving that dogs and kids are all the same sometimes.

Happy New Year to all!

From Rob and Renee



Ever since fall fell last weekend we have witnessed an ever-changing weather situation. First it was clear and sunny, then sunny and chilly and as of today thunder, lightening, wind, tornadoes, hail, rain and wall-to-wall weather forecasts on the TV. And the prognosis is for four days of the same. Bad enough for us humans, but think of poor Mlle. Renee who has to rely on the back lawn for her potty spot.

Anyway at the mercy of the changing weather scenario, her recent life has become a tale of two doggies … one safe and content and the other upset and afraid.

The other day the temps dropped into the low 40s and I forgot the switch the furnace from AC to HEAT. I realized my error when I noticed Renee rolling herself in a tight little ball on the sofa. I got the sweater she usually sleeps on and covered her up.

Renee, who is not really into canine haberdashery, spent the rest of the evening snoozing as snug as a bug under the sweater.

The start of thunder, lightning and rain is another matter. Ever since last year’s tornado season she has been the lead dog for heading to a safe spot around here. If it’s just thunder and lightening she heads for the corner of my bedroom between the file cabinet and the wall. But if the weather alert radio goes off or she hears weatherman Mike Roberts on KSDK-TV discussing the current weather map …

Courtesy KSDK-TV

She heads for her special safe corner in the basement.She usually tries to round me up to go into the basement with her … but if I’m too slow she runs down to her corner and barks for me to join her. She doesn’t realize that I have to gather up my cellphone, my folding chair, the flashlight, the portable radio, a bottle of water, my football helmet and the dog and people snacks.

If the current weather forecasts hold true, I’m afraid both of us are going to be slightly soggy and moldy before the week comes to a close