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BobEaster This is one of the few remaining photos of me taken way back in the Yesteryear Easter of 1944.

And this is a lot of photos of the family taken yesterday in the Easter of 2016. You can click on the individual photo for a larger view.




But unfortunately, not to my house. For some reason there has been a run on PEEPS this year, and when I went shopping the PEEPS shelves in the store were bare. So this is the only peep you’re going to get out of me this Easter.  BTW, did you know that most of out Easter traditions are holdovers from the Abyssinian and Babylonian spring feast of ISHTAR?



To go  along with the hatching Easter chick, here’s a bunch of spring tulips. They were planted in front of the Art Museum at the top of Art Hill.




And speaking of good eggs … Mlle. Renee left this message on my computer …Cooking Class

I explained that $50 will buy her an entire shopping cart filled with kibble, Beggin’ Strips and Flavor Snaps.  She reminded me that she is a GOURMOND. I satisfied her by giving her a bite of my ham and Swiss sandwich on toasted rye. She prefers her bread be toasted.



Rob’s Recipes for quick and easy GOOD EATS! Egg Salad

ReneeEgg This morning I realized that Easter was a week and a half ago and I had not made any egg salad from the decorated eggs. This was probably because I only had a single decorated egg this year. It’s the green one up in the corner on which my nephew had drawn his artistic impression of Mlle. Renee. When Renee saw it, she commented with a one-sided upturned, “How cute, I hope he washed his hands.”  Yes, she can be sarcastically droll at times. Besides, she didn’t think twice about sampling a spoonful of the pan-fried spinach* I topped with the sliced egg on Easter Monday.

So, I threw three eggs in a pot of cold water which I brought to a rolling boil before turn off the heat. I left them sit in the hot water for three or so minutes before pouring of the hot water and replacing it with very cold water. Then I cracked and peeled the eggs. The shells came off perfectly. I removed the yolks from the whites and mixed them with a teaspoon of sweet pickle relish, a half spoon each of creamed horseradish and stone-ground sweet/hot mustard, a sprinkle of salt, pepper and celery seed, and a tablespoon or so of Duke’s Real Mayonnaise. Then I chopped and added the egg whites along with a table spoonful of Shredded Italian 5-Cheese Blend. Combined everything and spread on sliced Oat-Nut Whole Grained bread. It could have been topped with a slice or two of iceberg lettuce, but I didn’t have any in the house.DSC06483

Notice that I still had half the box of dark chocolate covered marshmallow eggs I treated myself to for Easter. So I had one of them for my lunch desert. I covered the remaining egg salad with plastic wrap and placed in the fridge for tomorrow’s lunch.

*Pan-fried Spinach 

None of my ancestors qualify as being Southern – even though my mother’s Polish/French grandparents arrived in the US via New Orleans in the mid-19th century. They got off of one boat and immediately got on another heading up the Mississippi to Saint Louis. There was a large community of Polish immigrants in Saint Louis and the surround  farm lands.The family recipe called for frying a couple of slices of bacon in a skillet until crisp. Removing the bacon and adding olive oil  and a chopped onion to the pan to saute. The a bowl of washed drained spinach leaves is added along with salt, pepper, grated nutmeg and a spoonful of sugar. Fry until the spinach is wilted and tender. Top with the crumbled bacon and the sliced egg. That was a family Easter tradition long before I showed up.

Rob’s Recipes

For quick and easy GOOD EATS!

Spring has sprung … and Easter has arrived!

There’s nothing like doing your Easter post on the day after Easter. Does anyone else remember that the day after Easter used to be called Easter Monday? It was the day when all the Easter egg rolls and hunts were held. The Poles used to call this day Dingus Day, which always had a rather obscene connotation to me. Anyway I’m posting my Easter post today because I spent yesterday with the family.

Anyway I started the day by making myself a hell of a special breakfast. I started with a couple of cracked eggs …

Why is it that a couple of cracked eggs always look sad and depressed, rather than zany or crazy that the name cracked would suggest? Anyway, I guess they looked sad because they knew that I would be soon forking (note – I always use a Granny fork for whipping my eggs into a froth rather than a whisk) them into a frothy bath for dipping my semi-stale bread for French toast.

Completing the breakfast was a cup of dark hot chocolate and a dish of fresh raspberries and blackberries that for some reason did not appear in the photo.

Then it was off to spend the rest of the warm and sunny Sunday with the family in the far western burbs of the metro area. This included a stop to see my new one week old great-niece Nichole who is a totally precious Easter angel. I declined the offer to hold her using the excuse that I never hold anything breakable on Easter. The real truth is whenever I’ve held an infant niece or nephew when I’m dressed up, they’ve always pooped or peed on me.

And that was my Easter yesterday!

By the way, did anyone see the new chocolate mousse Peeps that are dipped in dark chocolate? Finally, after years of stuffing  yellow, pink, orange, blue and purple marshmallow bunnies and chicks in your mouth they’ve finally come up with a flavor you can savor. Unfortunately the brown color marshmallow chick could confuse some people who do not recognize the brown mallow pile as a little nesting chick.