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 In Part 1 we had just arrived at Fitz’s American Grill and Bottle Works in the Loop.

Fitz’s was originally just a drive-in hamburger stand in the Saint Louis suburb of Richmond Heights and the root beer for which they were known was first brewed in 1947 to be served along with the burgers and fries.

 All of the Castaways had lunched at the original drive-in in the late 60s, but time marches on and in 1970 Fitz’s closed.

In 1993 Fitz’s was reborn in an old bank building that in the 70’s and 80’s had been home to the Lantern House Chinese Restaurant — another favorite dining spot of the Castaways that was renowned for its classic Chinese banquets for parties of twelve.

The interior went from faux imperial China to faux fifties art deco.


And a circa 1940 bottling line was added so the diners could watch their favorite beverages being bottled as they dined.

The start of the bottling line … the bottles are then filled and capped.




And then flipped and given a bath to wash off any overflow. Since the bottling line can turn out a bottle of soda every second the bottle movement in the photo is somewhat blurred. In addition to the classic 1940s root beer, Fitz’s also bottles a full line of retro sodas.

But enough of the manufacturing end … it’s time to taste the product.

Naturally, some of the Castaways immediately turn to this page of the menu …

But the rest of us turn to the line up of classic and modern burgers, fries and onion rings! And enjoy our root beer as we wait for their arrival. 






I decided to cook up something special for the 29th day of and I decided to go with something light and summery.

Voilá! I created a quick Summery Chicken Stir-fry.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize my hand was casting a shadow on the plate until well after I had eaten everything on it. The plate, not my hand.

Stir-fry was just chicken tenders with red and yellow pepper strips, celery, onion and garlic served over chow mien noodles. A couple of queen-sized stuffed olives  added a salty accent and fresh ripe red cherries a bit of sweetnes s… and a Fitz’s Root Beer as a cool beverage on the side.  A perfect fast finish to a day filled with yard work.


It’s Day 27 already … and I decided that since it really feels like summer, it was time to start my day with my favorite SUMMER BRUNCH!

It’s cool, quick and delicious!  Fresh thick-sliced home grown (Arkansas) beefsteak tomatoes that completely fill  slices of toasted wheat bread, cool midget watermelon wedges, a bottle of  Fitz’s, Saint Louis’ favorite root beer and a half finished daily puzzle.