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Wednesday, I posted this photo as my WORDLESS WEDNESDAY PHOTO along with one cryptic word LOST.



Actually, you probably would have had to click on the photo twice to make it largest before you would see that over the river and through the woods … in a little clearing under some shady trees, there is an elderly gentlemen sitting on a  bench and lost to the world. I also do that on my frequent walks through Forest Park. It has great places where you and just sit back and just communicate with the world around you. Here are some of my favorite spots.BrooksStreams

For total reflection … the park is filled with a complete set of waterways … ponds, streams, lakes, waterfalls and fountains! And they all come with convenient benches.


And if you choose to just lose yourself and talk to the Roos or other animal species, the Zoo also supplies convenient benches. But be careful, because they look back at you.


And if you bring a blanket, I know a grassy field where you can spread it out to just lie back and watch the popcorn clouds float by overhead.


And if you linger too long at just losing yourself, you’ll end up viewing a sky full of twilight silhouettes. Oh what an eyeful!

The Art Of Losing Yourself is not recommended on rainy days.






Well at least for now, May has actually been acting like spring! The sun has been shining brightly, the air has warmed up and the bright yellow dandelions are fast turning into fairy puffs. FairyPuffs

And here’s how I spent my weekend!


Well, I went to my last Met Opera Live in HD of the season. Actually, it wasn’t the last broadcast of the season. The last opera is being broadcast next week Saturday, but I just saw it a couple of years ago and I’m not ready for a repeat performance yet. Anyway, I convinced  Mlle. Renee to get out of bed early so I could get up and get going. I jumped on the Metro Bus and headed for the Art Museum in Forest Park. Unfortunately, when I got to the park I discovered that my local bus was being rerouted around the park. That’s what happens on May 1. Because of the congestion caused by people going into the park with cars on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the summer season the Metro System runs the Forest Park Trolley into the park that stops at all the tourist attractions people want to see. I didn’t want to wait for the next trolley so I walked into the park to the Art Museum. UpArtHill

This meant that I had to walk up ART HILL to get there. Trust me, it is actually easier to walk down ART Hill …DownArtHill

… than it is to walk up.  But, you do get a great photo opportunity  of the  STATUE OF SAINT LOUIS on the walk up.




I know that while the name of the sculpture is The Apotheosis of Saint Louis, his horse remains an unknown, nameless beast of burden.

The name of the opera I was seeing  was COSI FAN TUTTE by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.Cosi_fan_tutte_-_first_performance

Actual the whole title is Così fan tutte, ossia La scuola degli amanti, which translates Thus Do They All, or The School for Lovers. It was an opera buffa that was written in 1790 and it has some rather out-dated views on women being fickle when it comes to matters of love and relationships. I suppose this was the comedy rage back in 1790. It really doesn’t fly these days. So while the music was fantastic and the performances by the cast were some of the best this season, the storyline was a hard sell. It’s also one of Mozart’s lesser performed works.cosi_1209-s-jpg


It was also four hours long, and the elderly gentleman in front of me was snoring rather loudly during the second act.

After the opera I walked through the galleries trying to find a new sculpture piece that recently went on display at the museum. It was a red clay stature of the Corn Maiden by the Mississippian Native Americans  that populated this area about one to two thousand years ago. I didn’t find it.

But I did find this Pre-Columbian Mexican work.PreColumbian

And this tiny four-inch tall work from a Mesopotamian tomb from 1000 to 2000 B.C.Mesopotamian Carving 2000-1000 BC

And then there was this TORSO OF AN ATHLETE …TorsoThe sculpture was nice, but I got a big kick out of reading the descriptive blurb posted next to it.

Roman, Imperial Period
TORSO OF AN ATHLETE, 1st-2nd Century marble

Museum Purchase 6, 1937

The physique of this torso is almost too good to be true, chiseled pectoral muscles, the faint impression of washboard abdominal muscles, and an exaggerated furrow between the hip and abdomen. We see the integration of realism and the ideal in the musculature, flesh, and bone structure. For example, the furrow along the hip and abdomen leading to the genitals is an artistic interpretation of the actual anatomical structure. For the Greeks, the nude male body was one of the highest forms of beauty. For a man to achieve such a physique, he had to participate in athletics at the gymnasium, where both athletic and important civic events were held. A sculpture such as this represents not only physical, athletic, and military excellence but also desirability and possibly immortality. 


Some curator was really impressed with that torso!

And walking back down hill, I was able to see …Metal Tree

The Aluminum Tree –

Did you know that they rub bowling ball polish around the base of the tree to keep stray dogs from watering it?


One Duck a Swimming



Honoring the American Federation Of Musicians … really?

SUNDAY … I rested. Actually, I did try to pull some weeds out of the front beds,  but it didn’t agree with my spring allergies. So I spent the rest of the day inside.









[Click on photo to view full sized]


MY WEEKEND CALENDAR FOR SATURDAY/SUNDAY, DAYS 334 AND 335 OF 2013: And when I logged on to WORLD PRESS today, I discovered I’m celebrating my third anniversary writing about my rather uneventful life here in the Wicket City. I failed to write an entry here yesterday, and I spent the day loafing around the house with Mlle. Renee in my pajamas. Mlle. Renee wasn’t wearing my PJs, I was.

Today the temps got up into the 60s and I decided that the day called for a walk in Forest Park. I planned on walking through the Kennedy Forest, but I went to the Art Museum instead. I took photos of the three bas-relief panels over the front entrance of the museum, but only the third one was fit for displaying. DSC08438

I’ll reshoot the other two another time. Still haven’t discovered when or why the panels were cut in half. Inside the museum I climbed up to the front balcony to shoot the Grand Sculpture Hall from the same position as the original 1904 photograph.

1904 - Louisiana Purchase Exposition

1904 – Louisiana Purchase Exposition – Grand Sculpture Hall

2013 - The Grand Hall - Saint Louis Museum Of Art

2013 – The Grand Hall – Saint Louis Museum Of Art

And if you’ve got a real keen eye, you should be able to see this piece of sculpture hidden in the photo from 1904.

Xenobia In Chains - Harriet Hosner  - 1859

Zenobia In Chains – Harriet Hosmer – 1859

Harriet Hosmer was one of the first female sculptors in the United States. You can read the DESCRIPTION CARD by clicking twice on the photo to enlarge it.

I also checked out my favorite cat at the Museum.

CAT - Alexander Calder

CAT – Alexander Calder

It’s a carved wood CAT by Calder who is a little more famous for his mobiles.

I also checked this work by Missouri’s own Thomas Hart Benton.  The lithograph …THB - LithoAnd the painting.


And a couple of fighting roosters.



Then I went home to play with Renee in the backyard.




MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR WEDNESDAY, DAY 310 OF 2013: Some mornings …SomeMornings

You just feel like laying in bed and staring at the ceiling. Mlle. Renee walked into my bedroom a little after six … no, she didn’t want to go outside because she and I could hear it raining. Instead, she came in and woke me up to ask if she could jump into bed with me. She’s a very polite dog. “Come on, get in!!” I said patting the bed. And in a blink she was snuggled next to my legs … and snoring. I should be so lucky. Mlle. is a very loud snorer. So I just stared up at the ceiling day-dreaming about what I would or wouldn’t be doing that day. I’m a side sleeper and when I rolled over I was probably soon snoring … until the clock radio went off. Even though I don’t any reason to get up, why does the clock radio wake me up every morning? So I’ll be up and ready to answer the phone when Rachel, Louise, Mary, Ann, Mad Max and all the other robo-callers start making their daily calls. Mad Max is the gruff old man who starts shouting at you the minute you pick up the phone. “IF YOU’RE OLD, YOU NEED A MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM!!!”  What I need is for all robo-callers to be banished to the third level of hell.

THE AUTUMN LEAVES HAVE STOPPED FALLING: Well, my Wordless Wednesday post this morning said it all.

“Les Feuilles Mortes”

“Les Feuilles Mortes”

In case you’re wondering, “Les Feuilles Mortes” was the original French title of Roger Williams’ classic AUTUMN LEAVES. Really?  The DEAD LEAVES? I thought the French were romantic and poetic.  Anyway, the early morning rains stripped the all the leaves from the maple trees in my yard.  Leaving  a colorful carpet of even more Dead Leaves or to be poetic … “Les Feuilles Tombées”

“Les Feuilles Tombées”

“Les Feuilles Tombées”

Now all I have to do is wait for all the other trees in the neighborhood to finish dropping their leaves on my lawns.

TODAY’S ORIGAMI CHALLENGE – FROG MAN:DSC08155For some reason, I always thought a FROGMAN was a man in a rubber suit … sort of like Lloyd Bridges. This guy actually reminds me of an alien.  So I added a couple of touches of my own in the folding.DSC08156

But if I had used green paper, it actually would have looked like Kermit T.F.

TODAY’S MENSA PUZZLE:  Yes, it involves math!DSC08154

HOW TO TREK ALL OF FOREST PARK: In a lot of my posts here, I talk about trekking around Forest Part in Saint Louis. But since the Park covers 1,371  acres, I doubt if a lot of tourists to the city would enjoy trekking through all of the park’s key attractions in a single day like I did … ONCE! And although the trolley that went CLANG-CLANG-CLANG as it took Judy Garland to the park in the 40s movie is long gone, the city does provide a way for visitors to get around the park and all of its many attractions. Enter the new FOREST PARK TROLLEY … DSC08036

The TROLLEY is a bus that you can’t miss … and yes, that is a baby elephant sitting in the front seat.DSC08037As it makes its trip around the Park stopping at all of the key attractions …

DSC08030You can get on the TROLLEY at the Forest Park METROLINK STATION or at any of the 18 stops in the Park for $2-Adults and $1-Children 5 to 12 and your ticket is good for the entire day.  Naturally, you can also get around the park by car, but free parking is limited and if you plan on visiting more than one attraction very impractical because you’d be doing a lot of walking.  (There is also pay parking at the Zoo, Art Museum and Science Center.)




MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY, DAY 281 OF 2013: I really had problems with my internet connection last night and all of the written portions of the post vanished. So I had to rewrite it all this morning. Guess the lords of the internet were telling me I had been too verbose.  That’s life. Anyway I didn’t get to tell you how a spent my Sunday. It was the Annual Forest Park Forever Fall Family Fun Fest, and I was there with my youngest brother and his wife and children and grandchildren. My younger brother is taller and looks older.fall

Here are the highlights in a montage … click each individual photo for full view.

It was a real fun day. But somewhat on the chilly side.




Now, can you find the young man doing the reflecting?

(Click on the photo to enlarge)


In a new post specifically for this challenge, share a photo that means CAREFREE to you!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA