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DSC00190  The day started off by first being cool … having great Saint Louis blue skies with floating puffy white clouds. And I decided to get out and seize the great day while I was able. I decided to start with a walk in the park which I captured with my pocket camera.DSC00166

The main entrance to Forest Park is the JEFFERSON MEMORIAL dedicated to our third president who had the foresight to buy the Louisiana Territory from France. The memorial is also the home of the Missouri History Museum. Notice that the Museum is also celebrating the 250th anniversary of the founding of the city of Saint Louis. They have a great exhibit celebrating the anniversary running through next February, but I didn’t want to waste the day inside a museum. So I went around the museum and into the park.

But first I had to walk around the TROLLY.DSC00168

No, this is not the trolly that Judy Garland rode on in Meet Me In Saint Louis. This is the trolly you will be able to ride on later next year, when it travels from the Museum to the entertainment center of the historic DELMAR LOOP in University City.DSC00167

Once inside the park, I discovered another SAINT LOUIS 250 Birthday Cake.DSC00169

There’s 249 more of them scattered around the metropolitan area. But I wasn’t looking for cakes, so I continued my journey into the park along the Grand Esplanade.DSC00171

You know, the park has something to interest almost everyone …DSC00172

Bikers and runners …


Lovers of forests …DSC00175And waterways …


Wild flowers …DSC00177


And cultivated gardens …DSC00179


And even potted plants!DSC00180

And ducks …DSC00182

And duck families!

And that brings us to the second reason for my walk in the Park.Boathouse


The Boathouse is located on Post Dispatch Lake in the heart of the park. If you’re athletically inclined you can rent a paddle boat and wear yourself out exploring the waterways in the park. The Boathouse is also a damn fine restaurant and that was why I was there.  I was meeting a half dozen people I used to work with for an ungodly amount of years for one of our regular lunch get-togethers.DSC00184

Naturally, we opted to dine outside to enjoy the view and the fantastic day. The conversation was great! Ditto the food! And it was a totally enjoyable day!



MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR MONDAY, DAY 294 OF 2013:  Hey, I got an idea!edison bulb

No, Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb on October 21,1789. People had been trying to make a workable light bulb for more than sixty years before that date. And that includes old Tom himself. But on that date, he finally developed a filament that would last for hours more than a minute or two when the electricity was turned on. In other words, he invented the first commercially practical lightbulb … Patent number 223,898.


So, do you really think Edison would have wasted his time folding a dollar bill into a ring? Actually, he probably would have tried to see if it worked as a filament. His first long burning filament was actually a cotton thread.

BookWorm So I’m going to work on the Mensa Puzzle instead. Dumb 1

While sorting through some old photo files today I discovered this photo I created for my original blog a number of years ago on another site.

LifeWithBobIt was a photo of an original painting by a friend of mine who died at a much too early age about five years ago. He always said that I was the inspiration for the painting. He based it on a photo of me standing outside a downtown St. Louis hotel waiting for my bus one evening after a business meeting. He eventually agreed to barter the painting for some creative work I did for him. The painting has been hanging on my office walls for about 35-years now.



30 Days Of Creativity – June 29, 2013


On the second to last day of our month of creativity the theme for today is LAYERS.

I’d like to expand that to LAYERS OF FRIENDS  for my creative project because when you really think about it, that’s what we all have. We have friends at work, friends at school, friends on-line, and even friends we find in books. We have friends that are just like us, and friends that are the total opposite from us. Then there are fantasy friends like Woody and Stan who have been featured in a number of my creative projects this year. I thought it was fitting to let them take a final bow in this salute to friendship.30DOC29-layers

WOODY: Thanks for being my friend and helping out in all the adventures we had this month Stan.

STAN: It was fun, Woody, like we were almost like being a Dynamic Duo.

WOODY: That we were, Stan. We were friends.

Counting your friends is like counting your blessings.


The 30DoC Inspiration Calendar’s theme for the seventh day a creativity is FRIENDS and Mlle. Renee reminded me that four-footed friends are traditionally man’s BEST friends. Especially, she pointed out, in my case. So my creative project for today is FRIENDS from Mlle. Renee’s POV.


On loosing a friend …

I just heard that a former friend of mine died recently. We met when we were five years old at Old Saint Augustine Grade School. We served mass together as altar boys throughout grade school. And when we graduated, we went on to attend the same high school. Shortly before graduation we had a bitter argument and he said he never wanted to talk to me again and that I should pray to see the light. We never did talk after that, and I think that I was able to see the light without praying.

He went his way and I went mine and we never met again. My only regret is that this was the only argument I ever had that was never resolved. He was the only friend I ever lost. And we never had the chance to say that we were sorry. It’s tough to lose a friend — we really have so few and we need to hold on to all that we have.

For what it’s worth I’ll say I’m sorry, Ron — even though you were wrong.


A couple of days ago my friend Becky posted a magnetic poem about cloud gazing. After reading it, I remembered a group of cloud photos I had taken about two weeks ago. I had quite a few birthdays coming up in August and September, so I decided to take a trip to my Target Store and replenish my card stock.

When I left the house the skies were bright blue with a few puff pillow clouds. And I jumped on the MetroBus going south for a quick ride. As we were going around Forest Park, I noticed the skies were getting cloudy. By the time I got off the bus, the skies looked like this …

The clouds actually looked liked they were pockmarked!

In my entire life I had never seen clouds that looked liked these.

They looked so ominous, I picked up my pace across the Target parking lot and rushed to the door.

And I just made it to the door of the store when raindrops began to splat the ground. And they were like the mother of all raindrops! Either that or someone was throwing water balloons down on us.

On the News Live At Five I discovered that my strange clouds were mamatus  or “breast” clouds that formed under a layer of cumulonimbus thunderclouds which often indicates severe storms and tornadoes. The shower was rather brief and by the time I came out of the store the skies were blue again and the ground was almost dry.

Since the clouds looked like they had been lifted from some old master’s painting, I knew I just had to share them with Becky.  Enjoy, cloud gazing is free!