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Well, Renee and I survived two heavy hail storms, three thunder storms  and a hell of a lot of rain last night and just a little water leaked into the basement.

And most of all, surprisingly, the roses in full bloom weren’t ripped to pieces…DSC02189








April showers were a little rough last weekend. Also, they were nearly endless! Which means my basement is currently leaking. Saturday was the most horrendous day of storms with three distinct storms moving through the area during the afternoon.

The first one was the one with pitch black skies, wind and torrential rainfall. It was quick and wet … passing over in less that 10-minutes. Hell, it was moving at 35 mph.

When the second storm moved in an hour later, all HAIL broke loose!

This is my hail covered lawn. Across the metro area the hail ranged from marble to baseball size.  The rain was so heavy it was actually overflowing the guttering on the roof. Weather forecasters said that the storm was actually 45-miles wide which actually encompassed the entire length of the metro area.

Check the rainwater rushing down the street.

There was quite a bit of damage downtown around the baseball stadium with one fatality and around a hundred injured.

The third storm just added insult and more rain to the previous two. Naturally, Mlle. Renee being more than your average dog spent most of the afternoon and evening hiding in the basement. She did not like the water leaking into the basement.

Rain continued Sunday, yesterday  and early this morning. Original predictions were for rain and storms for every day through next Sunday. Fortunately, we got a reprieve for Wednesday and Thursday … but the temps are scheduled to top 90!  Then the rain is back Friday, Saturday and Sunday again.

So, who or what do we blame … global warming or the Mayans and their unfinished calendar?