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ZOO2Well, I had planned on going to the Zoo today to take a walk with the penguins. It’s something they do every Sunday at 2:00 from December 2 until February 3. Unfortunately, the walk today was cancelled because of the weather. The temperature skyrocketed to 75F!  Since the penguins are native to Antarctica, they can only leave their air-conditioned 24/365 home when the temperature is less than 50F. Surely this almost winter heat wave has to let up some time before February 3. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Penguins on ice!

Other penguins from more temperate climes are able to survive the Wicket City’s weird weather and spend their lives in year round outdoor homes where they delight in people watching.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Look at that dumb bozo over there!    Where?

Here’s a video-clip from a Penguin Parade a couple of years ago …

Well, maybe next week?


Reading is HOT! Even HOTTER when it’s HOTTER!

Well, it’s heading for 106〫again today … and I’m staying in and reading my book. Been reading it for some time and I’m not even 2/3 through.  Thankfully I’ve got it on my Kindle reader, would never be able to tote the 1008 page print version around. If you’ve been watching the TV series, expect a lot of twists and turns in Season 3 and 4. Yeah, the book is so thick they need two seasons to tell the story.

So, I’ve been staying inside while the out-of-doors is actually turning into Arizona.



My lawn crunches when I walk on it; and they say we need 15 to 19-inches of rain to get back to normal. Haven’t had any real rain since early in June.

I do give the front flower beds a good soaking every day, but it dries up by mid-afternoon. The flowers are still blooming … only most are a tad smaller than they were in the spring.


My lacy ballerina flowers have finally added some blue flowers to the many white plants that were blooming.


And the white plants are producing some rather unique seed pods.


And the ants are busy moving aphid eggs up to the sweet Rose Of Sharon blossoms to hatch and collect nectar.


And I have no idea what this guy is doing.


Well back to the AC and my book.




June 28 – 108°

June 29 – 106°

June 30 – 104°?

Who knows where the mercury will stop rising today!  Hopefully it will keep decreasing in daily two degree increments … which would mean that by the Fourth it should be back to normal sweltering heat. This morning Mlle. Renee woke me up at 5:30 so she could make her morning rounds. She’s not dumb. At 5:30 the skies were overcast and the potential for rain was at hand. It was also comfortably cool. If I wasn’t half asleep, I would have taken her for the walk we’ve missed for the past several days. But following her example, I ran back into the house and jumped in bed in hope of a few more cool winks. I told you she was a smart dog. A little before eight I heard the AC turn itself on meaning the internal house temp was approaching or had exceeded 85° and the gentle rains had bypassed us again.

Not willing to associate with breakfast foods that had a body temperature higher than mine, I brewed a Star Wars glass of iced-coffee to go with my cold multi-grain toast with apple jelly.

Then I went outside to face the sun and heat and fill the now empty the water bowl with cool water for all my feathered friends.

I also wondered if extremely hot weather killed ants, since their graveyards along the walks in the yard were growing increasingly large by the gazillion this week.

After I download this morning’s photo load from the camera, I noticed the honeybee in the graveyard. Don’t know if he was paying a condolence call for a friend or looking for ant honey.

For most of the week my wardrobe has consisted of plain white tees (cue iPod) and cotton shorts. I think I’m getting ready for a change of pace in my wardrobe. If it wasn’t so hot, I go shopping. Also nixing that plan was the recent announcement by the local media grabbing tele-evangelist that he would be transporting his unwashed and homeless from his tent city to the Galleria where they could enjoy the air conditioning while blocking the mall traffic in the guise of applying for jobs. You would think that instead of buying up multiple TV stations, he could use the money to find indoor shelter for his homeless. You could say he’s just caring for his flock, but his past media ploys included serving reindeer dinners at Christmas and rabbit stew at Easter … as long as TV cameras were present.

So maybe I’ll just limit my window shopping to the internet. So far, I’ve seen several interest T-shirts on-line. How’s this one for the Fourth Of July?

 No, too Dick Cheney!

I thought Mlle. Renee might like this one …

But she said, “Too, cute!”

So I said, “How about this one if it cools off and I can go to the zoo?”

“Sorry, we don’t do meerkats and besides the only four-footed friends allowed are the ones behind bars.”

So, I guess we’ll just take a nap … or two.


Mlle. Renee went out this morning to make first rounds of the grounds for the day and quickly returned in panting mode. “Bobby boobie, it’s as hot as the kitchen on baking day outside,” she exclaimed in dog attitude as she heading down to the basement where she flopped down on the cool concrete floor!

Yes, the Wicket City is having itself a record heat wave!

Today the old thermometer reached 108F today which is the hottest temp ever recorded for the month of June. And it looks like it will stay there for the next week or two! The weather wizards say it will take something like a tropical storm in the gulf to break the current weather cycle. And I don’t think anyone wants that. I blame it all on the Mayans and their calendar!

I walked outside to refill the water bowl I put out for the wild critters who visit the yard, and thought I was being grilled. The water was in such high demand I had to refill the bowl three times during the day. Now, I’ve seen squirrels visit often for a drink along with a multitude of feathered friends, but today a rabbit hopped up to the bowl for a long drink. And I even had to fill Renee’s bowl twice, and she wasn’t even outside that long.

But the AC is still working and hopefully I’ll have the funds to pay the bill without having to resort to selling my votes this November to the Koch Brothers.

Tonight for dinner I made my special spicy beans and weenies. (Bush’s Original Style Beans, chopped onion, celery, green pepper, sweet and spicy mustard, catsup, Worcestershire sauce, red wine, chili powder, garlic, allspice and shredded Mexican style cheese.)  Naturally the only beverage to go with a meal like this is an ice-cold bottle of beer! And I have leftovers for two more dinners … the B&W, not the beer.

With the excessive hot stuck in place for a couple of weeks and the minimum of rain for the past two months, many local communities have decided to cancel planned fireworks displays for the Fourth. I really hope individuals will have the sense to do the same around their homes. With all the drought and wildfires plaguing the country, this would be and ideal year for virtual fireworks displays.

And a few minutes ago I went outside to let Mlle. Renee make her final rounds before bed … and I noticed that the June Moon looked rather hot, too!

Say good night, Renee!