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  Well, at least it seems that way with all the leaves I’ve been cleaning up for the last several weeks.  Ok, I actually spent more time sitting on the edge of the couch watching baseball games. Please note, sitting on the edge of the couch does not qualify you as being a couch-potato … especially when you’re going through alternating bouts of depression and elation.  And in the Wicket City it’s not over until you see the Clydesdales clomp down Market Street.

So while I might not have been faithfully tending to written endeavors, I have been collecting some images of the arrival of the fall season.

I was able to talk to the animals …   … well, at least a llama …

and some funky chickens …  … at the Forest Park Forever Fall Family Fun Fest. Ok, I realize that one of the chickens was really a duck.

I followed the growth of what I was sure was going to be the world’s largest toadstool  or other unknown fungi.    … until somebody cut across the lawn and decapitated it … 

I actually measured the oldest tree in the neighborhood I wrote about several weeks ago …  … it’s actually an aspen or popular tree and it is 25-feet in circumference.  You can figure out what the diameter is.

I also photographed what is probably The Last Rose Of Summer even if it is fall … 

And I captured a totally fantastic sunset …

Yes, that little dot is the moon … 

And that bird is trying to fly over it.

Finally, my hibiscus plants are trying to outdo themselves as you can see from this photo taken today November 8.

And that’s all for fall.   Except for raking up the leaves.






And that marigold blossom sort of illustrates how hot it was today. But marigolds thrive in hot weather.

The hibiscus seem to be enjoying it, too — with buds popping up just about everywhere (as long as I remember to water them every day.)

 And yes, if you thought you saw an ant on that bud you were right. It seems like ants love the nectar of the hibiscus blossom. And they actually carry aphid eggs up the plant and when they hatch, the ants herd the aphids like cows and actually milk them for the honeydew they produce.  Would I kid you?

But the blossoms are a sight to behold   … even if they do look like aliens sometimes!


Thanks to a friend on Facebook, I just realized that I slept through spring this year.  It’s either that, or spring bypassed us for some unknown seasonal reason. We seem to have gone thorough an endlessly recurring snow/sleet/ice/snow pattern that morphed into a rain/storm/hail/tornado pattern that gave way to the dog days of summer which had the mercury topping out at 99 yesterday.

No April showers!

No May flowers!

No June busting out all over!

Which brings me to my 30 Days Of Creativity …

I have been neglecting my garden for some rather obvious weather conditions. And my garden has been neglecting me in return.  Sure I had some daffodils, but they frosted their bulbs off producing a meager amount of blooms, and the tulips didn’t even break through the ground. Sure I could blame it on the squirrel’s nut searches, but they know better than to enter Mlle. Renee’s domain.

No, I have to blame it all on a game of tit for tat between me and the garden. So this morning, while the storm clouds overhead keep the heat down to a bearable sunless 80 degrees I dedicated myself to a bit of yard work. I was happy to note that the two hibiscus plants I put in a couple of weeks ago had finally stopped dropping buds … after daily applications of water … and settled into producing blooms.Did you ever notice how some hibiscus blossoms exhibit the facial qualities of a Disney animation? A somewhat evil facial quality.The double blossoms tend to look a little friendlier.The Lily Whites broke out into sudden bloom overnight undoubtedly due to yesterday’s heat which will also ensure their quick demise. Like southern ladies lilies don’t sweat, they wilt.And the Rock Garden produced … a weed. A very handsome weed, but still a weed.

But what has all this to do with my creativity challenge? Absolutely nothing. It was all creative filler. Though I could count planting a couple of packs of seeds I forgot I had purchased on a whim during the last dregs of winter as creativity. And it was fun watching the peat pots puff up with water.

 But the creativity came in when I took this photo of a Lawn Gnome I discovered while walking from the MetroBus stop to Mr. Bill’s house for a 60th Anniversary and Remodeling Open House for his family home.I have to get one of those  to cover the burnt out spot on my front lawn that the dog next door has been using for pee pot.