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MY DAILY CALENDAR FOR MONDAY, DAY 251 OF 2013:  With the temp hovering between 98 and 100, today was a day to stay inside and enjoy the AC.  Mlle. Renee went outside briefly … out of necessity … and returned as fast as possible. Right now, she’s snoring  up a storm in air conditioned comfort. Renee is not a dumb puppy.

MY ORIGAMI CHALLENGE OF THE DAY – PELICAN:DSC07650They say his beak holds more than his belly can.  I wouldn’t know, because I folded this one between meals.DSC07648

THE MENSA CALENDAR ALSO OFFERED A MINI-CROSSWORD FOR TODAY:DSC07652Try den, dud, once, epic, —- nova, cat and —.




Ever since fall fell last weekend we have witnessed an ever-changing weather situation. First it was clear and sunny, then sunny and chilly and as of today thunder, lightening, wind, tornadoes, hail, rain and wall-to-wall weather forecasts on the TV. And the prognosis is for four days of the same. Bad enough for us humans, but think of poor Mlle. Renee who has to rely on the back lawn for her potty spot.

Anyway at the mercy of the changing weather scenario, her recent life has become a tale of two doggies … one safe and content and the other upset and afraid.

The other day the temps dropped into the low 40s and I forgot the switch the furnace from AC to HEAT. I realized my error when I noticed Renee rolling herself in a tight little ball on the sofa. I got the sweater she usually sleeps on and covered her up.

Renee, who is not really into canine haberdashery, spent the rest of the evening snoozing as snug as a bug under the sweater.

The start of thunder, lightning and rain is another matter. Ever since last year’s tornado season she has been the lead dog for heading to a safe spot around here. If it’s just thunder and lightening she heads for the corner of my bedroom between the file cabinet and the wall. But if the weather alert radio goes off or she hears weatherman Mike Roberts on KSDK-TV discussing the current weather map …

Courtesy KSDK-TV

She heads for her special safe corner in the basement.She usually tries to round me up to go into the basement with her … but if I’m too slow she runs down to her corner and barks for me to join her. She doesn’t realize that I have to gather up my cellphone, my folding chair, the flashlight, the portable radio, a bottle of water, my football helmet and the dog and people snacks.

If the current weather forecasts hold true, I’m afraid both of us are going to be slightly soggy and moldy before the week comes to a close


 Haven’t been online much recently mainly because my computer room is on the unshaded side of the house that has been getting baked for the past week or so.  So with the inside walls hot to the touch, the AC hasn’t been very effective. I had planned on having a ceiling fan put in to circulate the air, but I never got around to it. Oh, yes, I’m the great procrastinator.

Then over the weekend I found   this small … about a foot square … plastic fan that unbelievably circulates the AC throughout the entire room. Huzzah! I can work on the old Mac again. I’ll also be playing catchup with all the things I wanted to post but didn’t. Heat does funny things to ¿old? people.

But today’s post is dedicated to Mademoiselle Renee. Many people don’t realized that Mlle. is the French abbreviation for Mademoiselle, and have been calling her Millie Renee. She finds this slightly offensive, since she wouldn’t refer to anyone as Mar or Marris Smith. Also she a little piqued that though everyone is talking about the dog days, no one has come by to visit or even send gifts.

No, that’s not right because she did get a gift last week. Well, it really wasn’t a gift for her, but she benefitted from a gift I received.  You see, we have an agreement. If she doesn’t chew on any of the good stuff around the house, I will give her all the bubble wrap envelopes that I receive in the mail. Like humans, she loves to pop the bubbles. She likes the plastic ones, but the paper envelopes are the crème de la crème when it comes to bubble popping envelopes.


As you can see paper rips a lot easier than plastic, and a dog can really pop those nasty bubbles.

It does make her happy!  

Getting a bath the next day did not make her happy, and she went out to the tall grass in the back yard with a couple of her found toys and pouted for a couple of hours.

That’s life!



Mademoiselle Renee had to answer the morning call of nature about 6:45, and even at that early time of day it was HOT and STICKY cut-rate preview of the day to come. So after we came inside and I gave here a Liver Snap, which was probably why she got up so early in the first place, she went back to sleep. I did the same , only I also turned off the clock radio alarm which would have gone off in a scant hour or two to the Acoustic Sunrise program.

Then we both woke up a half past eleven which was too late for my usual bowl of Cheerios, and too early for an oven-toasted grilled cheese sandwich with sliced ripe home-grown tomatoes which were really grown in Arkansas.

So I decided to make something special …


Which is just eggs scrambled with a slice of chopped prime roast beef and topped with a dollop of extra chunky HOT salsa and shredded Mexican cheese which has been allowed to slowly melt. Blue and Black Berries are on the side  and a fresh-baked buttermilk biscuit. My beverage was iced mandarin orange and peach black tea.

Nothing less than a * * * * * star Sunday Brunch.


And that marigold blossom sort of illustrates how hot it was today. But marigolds thrive in hot weather.

The hibiscus seem to be enjoying it, too — with buds popping up just about everywhere (as long as I remember to water them every day.)

 And yes, if you thought you saw an ant on that bud you were right. It seems like ants love the nectar of the hibiscus blossom. And they actually carry aphid eggs up the plant and when they hatch, the ants herd the aphids like cows and actually milk them for the honeydew they produce.  Would I kid you?

But the blossoms are a sight to behold   … even if they do look like aliens sometimes!