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Reading is HOT! Even HOTTER when it’s HOTTER!

Well, it’s heading for 106〫again today … and I’m staying in and reading my book. Been reading it for some time and I’m not even 2/3 through.  Thankfully I’ve got it on my Kindle reader, would never be able to tote the 1008 page print version around. If you’ve been watching the TV series, expect a lot of twists and turns in Season 3 and 4. Yeah, the book is so thick they need two seasons to tell the story.

So, I’ve been staying inside while the out-of-doors is actually turning into Arizona.



My lawn crunches when I walk on it; and they say we need 15 to 19-inches of rain to get back to normal. Haven’t had any real rain since early in June.

I do give the front flower beds a good soaking every day, but it dries up by mid-afternoon. The flowers are still blooming … only most are a tad smaller than they were in the spring.


My lacy ballerina flowers have finally added some blue flowers to the many white plants that were blooming.


And the white plants are producing some rather unique seed pods.


And the ants are busy moving aphid eggs up to the sweet Rose Of Sharon blossoms to hatch and collect nectar.


And I have no idea what this guy is doing.


Well back to the AC and my book.





The 30DoC calendar selected the BICYCLE as the theme for Day 13. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be the case with the Smiling Bagel do to a childhood mishap that will be detailed later in this post. Instead, since it was such a refreshingly cool sunny day, the Bagel decided to do some creative reading in the shade of the old maple tree.

So with his trusty Kindle at hand, the Smiling Bagel settled in to read A STORM OF SWORDS George R. R. Martin’s thick Third Volume in his A Song of Ice And Fire (known on TV as A Game Of Thrones) series.

So, what was the childhood mishap that resulted in no  creative entry today …

Well, one Christmas I decided I wanted Santa to bring me a bike. I even sent him a letter in my finest hand with this request. Come Christmas morning I rushed to the Christmas tree to discover   instead.

I was depressed. Dad was full of all the wonderful ways we could use the wagon. And Mom tried to convince me that Santa probably had thought I wrote wagon because he couldn’t read my bad handwriting.

I never got a bike, and I finally convinced myself that I never really wanted one. Though it was difficult running behind my friends with bikes pulling that damn Radio Flyer.

And that’s why the Smiling Bagel spent the day doing creative reading.  

30 DoC – Day 13


After bitching about gloom, doom, storms, rain, hail and the total lack of sun for several weeks now, I am proud for present the classic BLUE SKIES with marshmallow puff clouds typical of my posts from the Wicket City.

 No, that’s really not a classic historic colonial building in front of the true blue skies … it’s the classic roof line of the J. C. Penny store in the Hampton Village Center in South Saint Louis. But then Hampton Village is both classic and historic. Having been established in 1939,  makes it the oldest shopping mall in Missouri. It also makes it as old as I am. Hmm, do I qualify as classic? More about Hampton Village when I do my South Saint Louis Tourist Trek.

Anyway, the blue skies meant I had to play catch up with the yard work the rain and storms kept postponing. I got up early and managed to trip and groom the front and back lawns and make them beautiful again. Unfortunately the rains returned in mid-afternoon before I was able to start on the side lawn which caused Mlle. Renee to give me one of her glaring-eyed dog looks. OK, so that’s the lawn she uses as her rest room. We’ll start there the next dry day.

But back to the PICTURE THIS of the headline. Remember that image I created of myself as the stalwart, “You’ll have to tear this printed paper book out of my dying hands!” defender of real books. Well, I bought the kindle … and … I like it. But, I did have to make it look like a book first by buying a nice, genuine grained leather cover for it.

Hey, it’s almost like holding a real book!  And I can make the type bigger, which makes reading easier on the old eyes. That means I can read a lot faster and I don’t have to build a new book wall to store the finished books.

Also this morning I decided I wanted to add CLASSIFIED AS MURDER (Dean James’ latest mystery written as Miranda James) to my reading list. I went on-line  clicked on CLASSIFIED AS MURDER, and in less than a minute I opened my kindle to find …

Now, I love browsing in bookstores, but they have to be real bookstores owned by real people who run them because they love books. And real bookstores have cats, too!

So I suppose I’ll be stuck in the middle … for instant reading I’ll kindle and for comfort and browsing I’ll stick to paper and ink.