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Another new week to get off to a good start …


Today’s challenge was to do Friday’s challenge a second time. If you’ll remember, on Friday I did Part 1 of six parts …DSC05519  Today I did Part 2 that would look just like Part 1 except I folded with a different color of Oriental folding paper. DSC05565  Also I was able to put Part 1 and Part 2 together.DSC05567 Now only four more days of deja vu folding and I have the entire project completed.

Also I felt that I wimped out on the weekend origami challenge. So I followed the instructions and turned a rectangular piece of printer paper into a square piece of printer paper folding-paper. DSC05568 DSC05569  And once I had a piece of white folding-paper already pre-started for folding, I decided to continue folding and create the traditional origami crane.




If my title for today’s puzzle sounds like I’m a little bitter today, I am. If they would have asked a question about presidents … any president … I probably would have breeze right through it. But they ask a question about a movie director, and not a movie director who had the same name as a president. But a movie director who’s last name has no letters in common with the last name of President Kennedy. Also I drew a complete blank on this one. XERO! NADA! TOTAL NOTHING! Well, so much for getting off to a good start.



As you might have noticed , I did this one using a pencil. And there were a lot of erasures before I got back to where I started. But I did get it finished. And thanks to laundering my socks and underwear yesterday, Mlle. Renee  and I have nothing to do today but wait for the rain and thunderstorms to start around noon. Also I slow roasted the most tender beef round roast yesterday that actually melted in my mouth. So with roast beef dinner leftovers left over, I won’t have to cook either. So today I get to read and listen to the new 2 CELLOS CD IN2ITION that I bought Saturday.

Perfect for a rainy day!



Sunday …

Mlle. Renee allowed me to sleep late >

World Press forgot who I was … again >

went to the stupid-market and bought groceries and Liver Snaps >

also a glittered reindeer to hang on my Christmas tree >

picked up Mlle. Renee’s daily deposits >

got poop on my tennies >

cleaned it off >

blew the last of the leaves off the lawn >

trees are now bare >

went through my dresser drawers >

threw away all holey underdrawers >

made note to buy replacement underwear >

or do laundry more often >

got a phone survey on how the last election will affect me >

(losers never know when to quit do they) >

took out the trash >

trying to decide what to eat for dinner >

leftovers loom in the fridge and my future >

dined on leftover Sub Gum*  >

nothing but football on TV … again!


And welcome to it!

*Sub Gum – was the name of the original Cantonese chopped meat and veggie stew that would become known in the US as chop suey. I originally ate it at the Orient Restaurant  on 8th and Washington in downtown Saint Louis. My version was recreated from memories/tastes and looks of that dish.


I don’t know, it seems to happen every fall when the heat of summer fades and a little nip shows up in the air. For some reason or other, I get this primal urge to start cooking again. So far this week I have spent three days cooking. And since it really is impossible to cook for one, that means I have produced enough for … not three dinners, but TEN dinners. That means I have three totally delicious first round dinners, and four days of rewarmed leftover dinners. There’s nothing wrong with rewarming leftover dinners, but I still have three more still waiting in the freezer.

It all started a week ago Sunday when I slow-roasted a beautiful Angus beef chuck roast with red wine and a ton of onions with carrots and potatoes on the side. The gravy was to die for, but unfortunately I forgot to photograph the roast as evidence. Any I had the roast beef dinner on Sunday, with a leftover dinner on Tuesday. I also had a couple of roast beef sandwiches for lunch during the week. For some reason, it seemed like the roast beef was replenishing itself.

With another Sunday looming, I decided I had to use up the left over roast. So last Sunday I made roast beef pot pie.


Surprisingly, I had enough roast to make two pot pies which filled the dinner menu on Sunday and Tuesday. Monday I had the leftover American Goulash that was in the freezer from week before the Sunday I made the roast beef. Wednesday I realized that I had three beautiful lean pork cutlets in the freezer. So I got them out of the freezer to defrost.

They would make a fantastic pot of pork chop suey. My pork chop suey is based on a dish I used to eat at the old  Orient Cafe in Down Saint Louis. It wasn’t like the wok cooked dishes served in most restaurants today. The vegetables and meat were slow cooked until they were tender instead of crisp. It was more an Oriental stew with a thick brown slightly sweet sauce. It took me a couple of years before I could really replicate the Orient’s dish. My family loved it and I was always being asked to make a batch for family gatherings. Though I also think my mother liked the fact that someone else was cooking rather than her, more than she like the chop suey. So I had chop suey on Wednesday, with three left over servings going into the freezer.

Thursday, I had a serving of leftover split pea and ham soup from out of the freezer.

Friday, I realized I had three boneless, skinless chicken breasts in the freezer I had to cook. So I made slow-roasted chicken breasts in a mushroom herb sauce with a vegetable risotto. I served it with a glass of cranberry lemonade with a serving of pumpkin spice mousse for dessert. Again leftovers went into the freezer.

Saturday I ate a repeat of the chop suey, and today featured a return of the chicken.

Guess Monday holds a week of reruns from the freezer!



Since I traditionally attend my Thanksgiving dinner with family on Wednesday evening, you’d think I wouldn’t have any worries about Thanksgiving leftovers. Well, think again. While I did have turkey and all the trimmings on Wednesday, I did have to fix something for myself to eat on Thursday evening; and I opted for boneless chicken breasts and tradition sage stuffing with the best chicken gravy I have ever made. For veggies I went with a mix of cauliflower, snap beans and cranberries. Since it’s hard to cook for one, I had enough left over to two traditional frozen leftover dinners. I had the first of these last night, and it was just as good as the first time around. (Only easier to nuke.)

But my Thanksgiving leftovers didn’t end there. You see, I also supplied some pre-family dinner hors d’oeuvre — my traditional garlic toasted bagel slices and a ground ham spread which I called Holiday Deviled Ham Spread. While the bagel slices went like hot cakes, the Deviled Ham Spread went untouched by everyone but me. And I ended up bringing it home as leftovers, which means it has become my daily lunch treat.

It’s quite good on a warm croissant.

 The new Dr Pepper TEN is the perfect beverage to accompany it. And despite the dumb sexist commercials they’re using to promote it, it’s quite good even for ladies.

I realize I probably made a mistake by calling my Ham Spread  Deviled Ham Spread which made everyone think it was that stuff that came in the tiny tins instead of “real” ham blended with nine other spices and condiments. Maybe I should have called it Super Spiced Smoked Ham Spread. Also, maybe I shouldn’t have topped it with those sliced stuffed olives.

I got the recipe from The Food Network website and it’s quite good.

1 pound smoked ham cut into 1-inch cubes

1/2 cup Duke’s mayonnaise

1/4 cup prepared mustard

1/2 cup chopped onion

2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

3 tablespoons maple syrup

2 tablespoons Tabasco Gold hot sauce

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

2 teaspoons sweet paprika

1 teaspoon dry mustard

Combine all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. Can be used sandwich filling or cracker topping. Please note, the recipe does not call for topping with sliced olives like I did.

HUZZAH! Just discovered that this is my 100th post on WP!