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Last week I bought Christmas gifts for my new great-niece and -nephew. They were the cutest stuffed play toys that were square-shaped animals.

Lion Nichole’s toy was a bright yellow lion with a mirror on one side and butterflies on the other.

elephant Luke’s toy was a blue elephant with a stubby little trunk and huge wrap-around ears.

I thought they were both … oh so cute and perfect for babies learning how to play.

Apparently Mlle. Renee thought they were awfully cute, too. And every time she walked past the bed where they were waiting to be wrapped, she would sit down and look at them and give a little I really would like to have that whine.

This has gone on for several days. She never attempted to remove the toys from the bed … just the whine and the longing look.

OK, so I caved today. I went in the plastic bag of old stuffed animals and found a little stuffed lamb and presented it to her. She was so happy! She went around the house carrying it in her mouth.  And then she eviscerated the poor little lamb … another addition to her collection of unstuffed animals. And yes, she regularly plays with all the poor deflated creatures.

SCENE 2HolidayFlowersStory behind this scene …

No one ever sends me flowers. But, today, somebody bought me flowers … a beautiful bouquet of holiday cheer. Ok, it was me! I was at the local stupidmarket when I saw this bouquet as a store special. Knowing that no one else would buy me flowers, I bought them for myself. Sometimes I really surprise myself.

SCENE 3SnowBirdStory behind the scene …

While waiting for the bus to go to the stupidmarket I say another pigeon pretending to rule the roost.  This one was a white pigeon with blueish black wing tips and tail … also a dark cap.  I named him/her … SNOWBIRD. Even though there is no snow forecast for the extended future.

SCENE 4MayanOreoStory behind the scene …

I am now convinced that the entire brouhaha over the Mayan Calendar and the impending end of the world is a gigantic practical joke instigated by this darn Martians and/or other extraterrestrials who were visiting the ancient Mayans, Egyptians and sundry other ancient people looking for sites for interplanetary vacation timeshare. Look at that calendar, and tell me you don’t see a very old Oreo cookie.

That’s my life …


And welcome to it!



Wreath No matter where you go, you’ll find the walls all being decked with holiday trim. Yesterday, all of television’s Weather Wizards and one national new commentator were yammering about how it was the start of the meteorological winter when we all know that winter won’t begin for nineteen more days when we have the Winter Solstice. Barring any official calamity caused by the end of the Mayan calendar. Only one problem … it doesn’t feel like winter.BareTrees


The trees all look like they think it’s winter.

I just went past my faithful Indoor/Outdoor Satellite/Computerized Clock/Weather-station and this is what I saw …12:2:12

As of 1:52 CST on the second day of December, the outside temperature in the Wicket City was actually the same as internal temperature of the house with the doors closed … and that was with the furnace on!

With all the weird weather we’ve been having, I’m just about convinced that the Mayans (whom I’m sure were really Martians who just landed here as a pit stop) might know something we haven’t figured out yet. I don’t know how that could possibly be … they didn’t have weather wizards or politicians. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, let’s just pretend that baby, it’s cold outside and deck us all with bows of holly!

That’s my life …


And welcome to it!