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After a couple of days of gloom, snow and frosty weather the sun finally came out on Saturday. And since I had to replenish the bread and milk I purchased in advance of the weather, I had to go shopping. But before I could do that, I had to clear a path from my front steps to the street.DSC05654

Not wanting to exert myself, I only cleared a path wide enough for me to walk through. The stores were really crowded. Guess people were either replenishing like me, or stocking up for the next snow storm that’s expected to arrive on Tuesday. Luckily the weather wizards are expecting rain and thunderstorms on Monday, so most of the snow on the ground now will be washed away by the time the new stuff arrives on Tuesday. Sounds like déjà vu all over again!

After picking up my groceries, I stopped at the Golden Arch’s for some take-out for lunch.DSC05655Yeah, I finally had to try the Fish McBites. Surprisingly they weren’t molded from some pink goop like the McNuggets are. The bites are actually breaded cubes of fish fillets that looked like that once swam in Alaskan waters. I only bought the snack-pack size, but once I got home I realized I should have opted for one of the larger offerings.  Renee smelled the fish as soon as walked into the house, and followed me from the front door to the kitchen where she sat on the floor and made moaning-growly noises at me. Yes, I shared with her, which is why I wished I had bought the larger size. Renee did not like her McBites dipped in tartar sauce.


IF YOU DIDN’T ORDER TO GO!DSC05657While I ate, I read the back of the carry-out bag. Did you know, the favorite Mickey D item in India is theMcALOO TIKKI potato burger? Guess this is a preferable option to order horse-meat burgers. And I’m sure they wash their lettuce twice.

After I ate, I decided I should also give my little feathered friends something to eat, too. Except for Renee’s footprints, the backyard is still covered with snow with a frosted crust of ice. Since I didn’t want to put my snowshoes back on, I decided to just fling the bird seed on top of the snow from the back deck. The little birds didn’t mind at all.DSC05664

The ones with white cheek patches are the rare Eurasian Tree Sparrows that only exist in parts of the Saint Louis area. (They’re also almost extinct in Europe now.)  The birds are ordinary house sparrows more commonly known as chippies.

  DSC05670   DSC05663   DSC05666  I liked how they even climbed down into Renee’s foot prints to get any seeds that had fallen in them.

This is called enjoying the nice side-effects of a snow storm.



Actually fall or more correctly the autumnal equinox arrived locally at 9:49 yesterday morning which was just about the time I was pulling the covers over my head. OK, so I got to bed late Friday … er, early Saturday morning. And since I let Mlle. Renee out before we went to bed, she was in no big hurry to get up either. So when I did get up I realized I was supposed to get my annual FLU shot at my local Walgreens so I grabbed a couple of pumpkin pecan oatmeal spice cookies and a cup of coffee and headed out to get shot. It was a totally painless procedure, despite my usual trepidation about sharp pointy objects coming in close contact with my body. (I still haven’t worked up the courage to remove the band-aid she put on my arm.)

Anyway, since I worked up an appetite getting the shot, I walked across the street to the local McDonald’s and picked up a couple of plain burgers.

I still haven’t figured out why an original plain hamburger (one burger patty, one bun and no cheese) costs more than a McDouble which has two burger patties and two slices of cheese on the same bun and only costs a dollar.

One burger was for me, and the other (sans onions) was for Mlle. Renee.


Renee is a very dainty burger eater. To savor the flavor she takes small bites and slowly chews before taking the next. Getting a burger from McDonald’s is such a rare treat, she makes it last as long as possible.

Then I hung up the his and her zoo license plates I had picked up at the picnic the night before.

Well, if yesterday was a beautiful start to fall, today was even better.

Renee got me up at 6, and we both climbed back into bed since the outside temp was 40F and the in-house temp hadn’t even reached 60 yet. Then I realized I had forgotten to switch from AC to HEAT.

Once the house got warm, I got up and made …


Renee does not like oatmeal.


I wanted to rollover and pull the covers over my head. But Mlle Renee Taches de Rousseur had other plans — she had to go out. So I got up, got down on the floor and searched around for my flip-flops where some damn fool had thrown them under the bed last night. Then I grabbed my flannel plaid robe and grumped through the house to the back door. I opened the door and I was blinded by an unearthly brightness in the sky that pierced my eyes and ricocheted back a forth across my inner skull. And the noise was deafening! The birds seemed extra twitter-pated and chirpy, the forest critters over frolicsome and Renee just wanted to roll around on her back with the feet up in the air. OMG! I either woke up in a live animated Disney feature world or the raisins in my cinnamon raisin toast had started fermenting.

Actually it had been quite a few days since the sun a dared show its face, and I wasn’t used to such Technicolor brightness so early in the morning. Well, to be honest it really wasn’t that early … it was going on nine thirty and I figured I better get started with my plans for the day. Plans that had been rained out the day before … and the day before that … and hell, my entire week had been a washout so far. So I polished and brushed myself up, got dressed and in less than three house I was ready to walk out the front door and get on with my day.

I open my door just in time to meet my mail lady. “Hey,” I said, “you’re not all wet today!” And she replied, “And neither is your mail.” And Mlle Renee just shook her head and walked away with her chew bone as I started opening my mail. Only three applications for Citibank® cards this morning … they must be giving up on me … and a wedding invitation for July 4 from my nephew and soon to be niece. By that time it was almost one and I had to get moving.

First Walgreens to restock my daily vitamins and then across the street to the new McDonald’s for a Filet-O-Fish. Our local McDonald’s happens to be one of the new updated, 21st Century super-suburban design restaurants they came out with this year.The look of the golden arches might be streamlined, but the taste of the food is still the same. And isn’t that what counts in life. Consistency!

As I walked into the restaurant I noticed a sign in the window for the featured Rolo McFlurry, and flash-bang I decided that my order name would be Rollo today. I like to be creative, and every time a counter girl or boy asks for an order name I use make up a different. (Darn, I should have waited for next week, and I could have used that for one of my 30 DAYS OF CREATIVITY.)

After that I walked down the four or five blocks to the town hall to pick up Renee’s new dog license. She got tag #65 this year which seems strange because I know there are more than 65 dogs in town.  But maybe the city clerk saved a low number for her to make her feel important.

So then I headed for home where I planned on doing a bit of yard work, but the time I got home it was starting to rain. So today was another washout. Maybe I should have gotten up before nine?

BTW, Renee Taches de Rousseur is French for Renee Freckles.