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Snow Doze

“Quit flashing that light in my eyes! Can’t you see that I’m trying to get a little nap time in on a snowy Saturday afternoon!”





Well, what do you expect when it’s Sunday, Mother’s Day, Renee’s birthday, the month of May and the mid-west. The only other thing to expect are the storms. And we had them! Friday! Saturday! Sunday! And a little bit this morning!

StormySundayThat’ what the eastern skies look like after the torential rain showers, thunder and lightening moved overhead and out of Missouri and into Illinois Sunday afternoon as I was preparing to eat dinner. (It was tamale pie and very tasty, too!)TamalePie Mlle. Renee (who was celebrating her seventh birthday didn’t join me for dinner) because as soon as the thunder she hightailed it into my room and the safety of my bed.Renee's7thBD

That’s what she always does!

After the rain stopped I went outside to see if the roses had survived to brighten another day.PinkRoses

A bit soggy, but totally pretty and pink.


About a half-lifetime ago, I used to travel around the country a bit producing radio and television commercials for the St. Louis shoe company where I worked. On these trips to distant cities, I got into the habit of picking up an unusual looking rock and bringing it home to my mother who would add it to the aquarium that housed her terraium garden.

Mom passed away more than eight years ago, and with my lack of green thumbs the terrarium soon followed. And it has been sitting out on the sun porch ever since.  Last week in one of my clean freak breakdowns, I cleaned out the assorted rocks and shells and dumped the potting soil in a hole in the lawn. I also washed the rocks and shells thinking I might give them to my nieces for craft projects with their young children.

This was one of the rocks.ReneeRock

I found it one Sunday afternoon while walking through Central Park in New York City.  The reason I brought it home to Mom was because it looked like her dog Nickie who died of old age shortly after Mom did.  A second look at the rock convinced me that now it looked like my canine companion Mlle. Renee when I adopted her seven years ago.



If I must be honest, I guess Renee did look like a young Nickie when she picked me out at the Animal Shelter.  But that was almost seven years ago, and Renee’s muzzle seems to be greying up a bit these days.





Well, you be the judge.


Today is Saint Valentine’s Day. It is a day dedicated to two, four or more men who may have been saints in antiquity (200 AD) … or not.  The church really hasn’t be able to  decided, and apparently the large lobby of chocolatiers and the Hallmark Card Company have been the only reason he’s still around today. And, he was named Valentine for his valor … but his parents had no way of knowing that when he was born and named.

Anyway, I celebrated today with a fovorite blast from my past.VDmints

JUNIOR MINTS … returning now in a fancy heart shape and with a white or red mint filling. Not to worry … red or white, they still taste the same.  And that’s why I still love them.  I’m always good to myself on Valentine’s Day, and that’s how I treated myself today. Also made creamy chicken with rice and vegetables soup for dinner which I also shared with Mlle. Renee.

I also bought her a little gift, too. Did you really think I’d let her go ungifted today?DottyTheDodo

Meet Dotty the Dodo!

She likes when I go up and down her back while saying Meep, Meep, Meep! and pretending to peck her.  She likes the attention.

This evening we watch an old blast from the past movie …goonies_image_1

And it still holds up!


MY DAILY CALENDAR WEEKEND EDITION – SUNDAY, DAY 229 OF 2013: I am convinced that Renee is turning in a four-pawed human being. Or if not, at least thinking she’s a human being.  Today, I decided to do a single load of laundry, so that my next laundry day won’t be a multi-load overkill laundry day. She watched me load towels and washcloths into the washer and then disappeared. Next thing you know, she was standing next to me with her wash cloth in her mouth which she then dropped at my feet. I guess she wanted it washed, too. I originally gave her the gold washcloth (the only gold one I had in the house) was because she was always steal a used wash cloth out of the laundry pile and laying in on the floor to rub her face on it. With Renee, cleanliness is next to dogliness.

I had planned to sit outside and spend the afternoon reading/dozing in the shade again, but neighbors several houses up the hill decided to have a burnbecue. First they saturated the charcoal with enough lighter fluid to keep the Olympic Flame burning for a week. I sure the flashback when they  ignited the charcoal had to singe their arms and eyebrows.  And then … they put the meat on the grill right away, rather than cooking it only glowing coals. The entire neighborhood reeked of burnt meat. Hell, they were probably gnawing on charred bones before they even finished a single beer. And speaking of charred bones, it smelled like they threw them back on the fire after they finished gnawing the burnt meat from them. I do wish people who don’t know how to cook, would just order  their food from Bubba B-B-Q Delivery.

So I spent the afternoon inside with Renee, and a couple of minutes ago the A.C. went on for the first time in two weeks.  Oh, well, I knew the great weather couldn’t last forever.

FAVORITES FROM THE SLAM COLLECTION: Today’s art selections from the galleries of the St. Louis Art Museum are  studies in BLACK, WHITE and BRONZE.DSCF0869

St. John the Baptist  1878

Auguste Rodin / French, 1840–1917

Auguste Rodin depicted St. John the Baptist as a vigorous figure in motion. In fact, the sculptor requested that his model, an Italian peasant named Pignatelli, walk repeatedly about the studio so he could capture the spontaneity of the young man’s movements. Rodin’s representation of natural motion challenged conventional nineteenth century sculptural practices that conformed to an accepted canon of suitable, classical poses. For this reason, St. John became a milestone in the development of modern sculpture.


Madame du Vaucel -1712

Antoine Coysevox /French, 1640–1720

This handsome bust of Mme Du Vaucel was originally paired with one of her husband, a counselor in the court of Louis XIV and a prosperous farmer. She is not, however, dressed in the extreme opulence so common in Louis’s court, but wears instead a dress trimmed in a single row of lace at the neckline without additional jewelry. Coysevox’s talent lay in his ability to capture lively expressions in the eyes of his sitters through the incising of the pupils, which gives focus and intensity to their gaze.


Organic Forms (Striding Man) 1921

Rudolf Belling  / German, 1886–1972

Rudolf Belling juxtaposes curved and angled forms to represent an abstract figure in motion. Spherical masses define the man’s head and shoulders while parallel projections suggest his ribcage. Belling explored the idea of making the human body resemble a mechanized figure. The smooth, metallic surface and streamlined forms of this striding robot reflect the preoccupation with the aesthetics of modern machines in interwar Germany.

And then there was this …kink

CHI  1969

Nancy Grossman / American, 1940

Leather, metal, wood, and nails. Enough said.


My faithful companion has a quirk … or maybe a phobia …. or quite possibly she’s been taken over by one of the house spirits. You see, every time I do laundry I go around the house picking up dirty cloths, gathering towels and washcloths and hunting down sundry items that need to be washed. As I gather, I just dump the to-be-laundered items in a convenient pile on the floor. And while I am going from room to room, dear Ms. Renee is sorting through the pile on the floor. Looking for … used washcloths.

And when she finds them, she puts them on the floor and rubs her face on them like she using them to wash her face. And she doesn’t pick out any of the other laundry … just the washcloths. Now I will admit I am addicted to a certain shower gel fragrance. So perhaps she associated that scent with a freshly washed me. Or maybe she’s imitating me when I wash. Though I assure you I do not roll on the floor.

And here’s the reaction I get when I catch her with the purloined washcloths.


Good friends have brought up the notion that perhaps Renee has been taken over by the spirit of my late mother who was known far and wide as Mrs. Clean for maintaining a spotless house 365 days a years while raising three messy boys. Well, that’s except for the days when she was cleaning and it really looked like a mess. But then, she’d never let anyone visit on cleaning days. While I really don’t believe in ghosts; I do belief people can leave an energy field behind. I know, because every once and a blue moon I wake up with the urge to clean the house from front to back.  And it takes me all day to do it. Now, if I can find a way to harness Renee to the vacuum. Who knows, maybe Renee and I will become the new Odd Couple.