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This week, share a photographic “Oops!” moment with us. The fiasco could be what’s in the picture: anything broken, jumbled, or otherwise cringe-worthy (ugly sweaters are encouraged!). Or it could be something in the photo-taking itself, from the tip of your finger ruining a meticulously framed panorama to an inopportune shadow messing up a family portrait. For more information go here!


It’s not that I have never had an OOP moment, it is just that I have always refrained from photographing my OOPS.  This hasn’t stopped me from taking photos of other people’s OOP moments. There’s one I always see when I walk through the ancient Roman gallery at the Saint Louis Art Museum. And I’ve been walking past it since it went on display in 1987.

It’s a marble fragment from the side of the sarcophagus of a wealthy Roman citizen  who died in the second century. And while oops does not translate into Latin, the ancient Roman who dropped the marble panel probably utter “Ne dia!” which translates to By Jove! which was a common exclamation of the era.




Art admiration comes in all sizes …

or maybe he thinks he’s just looking at dirty pictures.

The New Sculpture Garden At The St. Louis Art Museum


If you have visit this site before, you have undoubtedly seen the front entrance of the St. Louis Art Museum on multiple occasions. Well, this is the backside that has recently transformed into a spacious plaza for special events and also serve as the museum’s new sculpture garden. Here’s a quick sample of some of the works on display in the garden.  I took notes so I could supply captions for each sculpture, but I can’t find my second sheet of notes. Will correct after my next visit.


This week’s challange  – So what’s your muse — what subject do you turn to frequently, more inspired each time? (For more information, GO HERE!)

My go to photo spot would have to be The Apotheosis of Saint Louis … better known to locals as the guy in armor astride his galant steed at the top of Art Hill in Forest Park. He’s been sitting out in front of the Saint Louis Museum Of Fine Art for well over one hundred years now. And he’s probably been photographed by multi-millions of visitors. I know I have photographed him every time I walk up Art Hill. Always hoping to get that one perfect photo. I’ve photographed him in the early morning sun and at sunset from the front, the sides and once even from the rear. Here’s two of my most recent efforts.St.L:Dawn

From the front base of the sculpture – early morning.


From the left side at dusk – evening illumination.

Who knows what the next shot will be?


Probably more than I could afford in three lifetimes.Chinese Puppies

They were in a shatter-proof case in the Oriental Galleries of the Saint Louis Art Museum, and they were so cute I just had to take their pictures.  Officially they’re known as Edo period Censer in the Form of Two Puppies, which we would probable call a Wizard Air Freshener if it was in our houses. But they were still very cute puppies.

SLAM ART IN BLOOM … Minus Orange Flowers

Just to let you know that there were a lot of flower arrangements in the Saint Louis Art Museum’s ART IN BLOOM exhibit that did not contain orange flowers.

Enjoy the multitude of other colors! Don’t forget to click on the thumbnail photos to see a larger version and informational comments.


For this challenge, share an image of symmetry. Don’t limit yourself to architecture — you can bend this theme in any way you’d like. (For more information, go here!)

Vase or urn, it is still quite symmetrical!

It stands in the window of the Saint Louis Art Museum in a room that was once the Museum’s Library.



By the way, the room that was once the library is quite symmetrical, too.SLAMArtHill

And the windows and all of the reflections are, too!

By the way, that vase and window or one of my favorite stops whenever I visit the museum.

Symmetry (noun): the quality of something that has two sides or halves that are the same or very close in size, shape, and position; the quality of having symmetrical parts.


Plug Like Claes Oldenburg’s Three-way plug currently on display in front of the Saint Louis Museum Of Fine Art, this is a plug  for the museum and its fine collection of fine art.

In particular, I would like to tell you about a painting that was recently bequeathed to the museum.THANKSGIVING - Norman Rockwell

“Thanksgiving”  by Norman Rockwell

I don’t know what it is about this painting, but I’ve been back to visit this work three times since it went on display in the American Art Galleries early this year.  It is a very special work, and I encourage you to visit it. And admission to the Museum is FREE TO ALL every day.




Last Saturday, I went to the Saint Louis Museum Of Fine Art for yet another visit to the Metropolitan Opera Live In HD. First I must confess that one of my musical passions is the wonderful operettas of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. You don’t hear them much these days, but when I was a kid they were still quite popular. Also, my grandfather had a player piano with a lot of the music on paper rolls that I would play … as long as my legs held up. Operettas on a piano roll was some of the most beautiful music ever written. And it is even better when someone with a beautiful voice is available to sing it. And that’s what happened on Saturday. The Met created a new production of Franz Lehár’s The Merry Widow starring Renee Fleming and broadcast it live to theaters around the world as part of their Live From New York season. (And yes, in case you’re wondering, that’s how my dog, Mlle. Renee, got her name.)

The Merry Widow supplied everything needed for a fantastic and entertaining afternoon … fabulous sets, lavish costumes, low comedy, whirling waltzes, Hungarian dances, can-can dancers, marvelous singing and one of the world’s greatest orchestras in high-definition stero-surround sound.JPMERRYWIDOW1-articleLarge

If you haven’t been to one of the Met’s broadcasts, you should consider going. They’re shown LIVE on Saturday afternoons and repeated on Wednesday evenings in local theaters around the US … and also in almost all the countries around the world. And it’s almost as good as being in the Metropolitan Opera House in New York. (Ok, I’ve only been there once and it was unforgettable!) For more information, go here

Here’s a sneak video clip …\

By the way, Saturday wasn’t really that cold … even though the Grand Basin at the foot of Art Hill was frozen over.GrandBasinFrozenOver

And in the first photo at the top of this post did you catch the Leaping Leaper I didn’t know I had caught.JeeperCreapersLeapingLeapers


The French Heritage Of Saint Louis Was Showing Saturday Afternoon


There are some times that Saint Louis looks just like a scene in a French park … or romance novel.