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 In case you’ve ever wondered what blog central looks like,  I’ve decided to give you a quick sneak peek of me in high creative mode at the keyboard of the mighty iMAC. In the corner you can see my writing partner. He really doesn’t do any thing besides giving me an occasional thumbs up which is just the inspiration I need some times. My screen saver which you can’t see because this page is hiding it features a photo of the Dragon Smok Wawelski.

Smok is the only dragon known to reside in Poland in reality or folklore. He lived in a cave along the Vistula River. And that’s where my ancestors also lived … not in a cave, but along the Vistula River. According to legend, Smok enjoyed eating sheep and once a month a young maiden. So the villagers were expected to leave the Maiden Of The Month in front of his cave every month for his dining pleasure. (Me thinks that in reality Smok really was just a really horny old Polish peasant who was running his personal house of pleasure.)

Anyway, supposedly a dashing young prince named Krakus did Smok in and built a palace on top of his grave which he called Krakow after himself. He also probably had all the Maidens of the Month to himself.

And that is all the creativity I can create tonight.