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DSC00190  The day started off by first being cool … having great Saint Louis blue skies with floating puffy white clouds. And I decided to get out and seize the great day while I was able. I decided to start with a walk in the park which I captured with my pocket camera.DSC00166

The main entrance to Forest Park is the JEFFERSON MEMORIAL dedicated to our third president who had the foresight to buy the Louisiana Territory from France. The memorial is also the home of the Missouri History Museum. Notice that the Museum is also celebrating the 250th anniversary of the founding of the city of Saint Louis. They have a great exhibit celebrating the anniversary running through next February, but I didn’t want to waste the day inside a museum. So I went around the museum and into the park.

But first I had to walk around the TROLLY.DSC00168

No, this is not the trolly that Judy Garland rode on in Meet Me In Saint Louis. This is the trolly you will be able to ride on later next year, when it travels from the Museum to the entertainment center of the historic DELMAR LOOP in University City.DSC00167

Once inside the park, I discovered another SAINT LOUIS 250 Birthday Cake.DSC00169

There’s 249 more of them scattered around the metropolitan area. But I wasn’t looking for cakes, so I continued my journey into the park along the Grand Esplanade.DSC00171

You know, the park has something to interest almost everyone …DSC00172

Bikers and runners …


Lovers of forests …DSC00175And waterways …


Wild flowers …DSC00177


And cultivated gardens …DSC00179


And even potted plants!DSC00180

And ducks …DSC00182

And duck families!

And that brings us to the second reason for my walk in the Park.Boathouse


The Boathouse is located on Post Dispatch Lake in the heart of the park. If you’re athletically inclined you can rent a paddle boat and wear yourself out exploring the waterways in the park. The Boathouse is also a damn fine restaurant and that was why I was there.  I was meeting a half dozen people I used to work with for an ungodly amount of years for one of our regular lunch get-togethers.DSC00184

Naturally, we opted to dine outside to enjoy the view and the fantastic day. The conversation was great! Ditto the food! And it was a totally enjoyable day!



So I decided to talk about how I spent Wednesday in the park. Naturally, “the park”  in Saint Louis usually means Forest Park which is the largest of the 111 parks within the city’s boundaries. If you want to include the parks in Saint Louis County, you’d have to add 64 more. So in all, there are 175 parks within the land bordered by the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. But I usually just visit two or three.

Anyway, on Wednesday I went to Forest Park to celebrate the birthday of my oldest friend, Mr. Bill. He’s not really my oldest friend age-wise, it’s just that we’ve been friends for over forty continuous years and we live in opposites ends of the metropolitan area. I live in the north county, and he lives in the south city. So Forest Park, being in the middle, is a convenient place to meet. It’s also the sight of the Boathouse Restaurant.

The Boathouse is located on the largest of the park’s chain of lakes.DSC06695

That allowed us to watch this gorgeous fellow as he/she fished for his/her lunch.DSC06692

DSC06694If you’re wondering, I had fish and chips for lunch, too.

After lunch we strolled the park taking in the masses of blooming flowers.DSC06683









We also decide to take advantage of the Great Art Free Every Day at the Saint Louis Art Museum. But that will have to wait for my next post.

To be continued …