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ZOO2Well, I had planned on going to the Zoo today to take a walk with the penguins. It’s something they do every Sunday at 2:00 from December 2 until February 3. Unfortunately, the walk today was cancelled because of the weather. The temperature skyrocketed to 75F!  Since the penguins are native to Antarctica, they can only leave their air-conditioned 24/365 home when the temperature is less than 50F. Surely this almost winter heat wave has to let up some time before February 3. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Penguins on ice!

Other penguins from more temperate climes are able to survive the Wicket City’s weird weather and spend their lives in year round outdoor homes where they delight in people watching.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Look at that dumb bozo over there!    Where?

Here’s a video-clip from a Penguin Parade a couple of years ago …

Well, maybe next week?