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I know it’s still winter, but the temps were in the 60’s yesterday when Renee took me for my walk. And here’s what we saw …


I got a little laugh out of that billboard … mainly because DIY always results in OMG whenever anyone in my family attempts a seemingly simple home improvement. I guess that makes it an inherited trait and/or handicap.

And also because it was such a nice day and we took an extra long walk, Renee and I saw  five examples of the results of our summer draught.DSC04963

I posted a picture of this old farmhouse a couple of years ago. This time one of the tall old trees that stood next to the house has just fallen over at ground level. The roots had all decayed. We saw three more trees at various location that had done the same thing. We also saw this tree that is starting to pull out of the ground.DSC04964

I checked the trees in my yard when we got home and they all seem firmly grounded.




We also had to walk around this big puddle of Thursday’s all-day rainfall on one of the side streets on our way home. Renee does not walk in rain puddles.

We skipped our walk today. Though the weather was nice early this morning, we have had very strong winds. Also the temp has been dropping a degree or two every quarter-hour, and it’s getting rather frosty out. It’s supposed to hit the low 20s by midnight with freezing rain turning into sleet and ultimately snow.

Think I’ll make a pot of soup or chili for dinner.





Wreath No matter where you go, you’ll find the walls all being decked with holiday trim. Yesterday, all of television’s Weather Wizards and one national new commentator were yammering about how it was the start of the meteorological winter when we all know that winter won’t begin for nineteen more days when we have the Winter Solstice. Barring any official calamity caused by the end of the Mayan calendar. Only one problem … it doesn’t feel like winter.BareTrees


The trees all look like they think it’s winter.

I just went past my faithful Indoor/Outdoor Satellite/Computerized Clock/Weather-station and this is what I saw …12:2:12

As of 1:52 CST on the second day of December, the outside temperature in the Wicket City was actually the same as internal temperature of the house with the doors closed … and that was with the furnace on!

With all the weird weather we’ve been having, I’m just about convinced that the Mayans (whom I’m sure were really Martians who just landed here as a pit stop) might know something we haven’t figured out yet. I don’t know how that could possibly be … they didn’t have weather wizards or politicians. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, let’s just pretend that baby, it’s cold outside and deck us all with bows of holly!

That’s my life …


And welcome to it!